9 March Madness Party Ideas For Wisconsin Fans Looking For Some Winning Food And Drink Recipes

March Madness is coming to an end, but not before one final rumble — in the kitchen, that is. Watching your favorite team play in the March Madness championship game is great, but eating is even better, which is why I've rounded up nine party recipes for Wisconsin Badgers fans who are going to need all the sustenance they can get their paws on while cheering on their team. And even if you aren't a fan — even if your bracket has been shot to hell — there's probably something on this list of game-day recipes for you, too. So break out the black, red, and gold, get your deep fryer ready and round up some cheese, and prepare for one of the most epic culinary showdowns of your life.

Image: Taste and Tell

Wisconsin Mac And Cheese

If you’re going to throw a party, you need to have macaroni and cheese. If you’re going to throw a Wisconsin party, then you definitely need to have macaroni and cheese. Make this baked version by A Farmgirl’s Dabbles, and your tastebuds will thank you forever.

Image and recipe: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings

The only thing better than chicken wings is Sriracha. Pair the two together, and you have a recipe that will crush all other competition. Try out this version by Foodie Crush. Slam. Dunk.

Image and recipe: Foodie Crush

Blood Orange Mimosas

Start the day off right with a pitcher of blood orange mimosas by The Kitchn. It’s the easiest way to show off your team colors while getting a little buzzed in the process. Win-win.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

Beer Cheese Dip

Beer cheese is always a winner, which is why you’re going to want some by your side as you root for your beloved Badgers. Luckily for you, A Spicy Perspective has the only all-star recipe you’ll need.

Image and recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

This cheesy pull-apart bread by The Kitchn is kind of a masterpiece, you guys. It’s the perfect piece of culinary art you’ll want to have around to celebrate a Wisconsin victory.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

Beer Float

Don’t get me wrong — root beer is delicious! But you are a grownup, and this is a big day, and you need something with a little bit of a bite to get you through. Enter The Kitchn’s beer float. A scoop of ice cream and a chocolatey stout does the trick.

Image and recipe: The Kitchn

Cheese Fries

Channel your inner drunk college student, and dig in with these garlic cheese fries by Damn Delicious. They’re only slightly more sophisticated, and 8,000 times more delicious than the ones you used to eat as an undergrad.

Image and recipe: Damn Delicious

Guacamole-Loaded Nachos

Can you believe we made it this far into a game-day recipe roundup without mentioning nachos once? Don’t worry — Averie Cooks has your back with this guac-heavy recipe.

Image and recipe: Averie Cooks

Oreo Cream Cheese Red Velvet Brownies

Oreo cream cheese red velvet brownies would be right at home at any party. At yours? They’re the star of the show! Seriously, with that killer flavor combo, you won’t care who wins or loses so long as you get to go back in for seconds. Taste and Tell has the recipe.

Image and recipe: Taste and Tell