Taylor Swift & Brother Austin Are 'Friends' Ross & Monica & Here's The Proof

Taylor Swift is widely beloved for a slew of practical reasons, but perhaps what endears us to her most are her incredibly apt pop culture references. Seriously, girl is like a real life, walking Trivial Pursuit and her encyclopedic entertainment knowledge is as mystifying as it is hilarious. Like when she Instagrammed her brother Austin's graduation ceremony. Or, remember on Easter Sunday when the pair hunted for Easter eggs and she Instagrammed the whole thing?

The best part of the Easter videos, other than the fact that she and Austin are probably just as cutthroat as you and your siblings, is what she captioned them. In one she wrote, “When your parents arrange a competitive sibling Easter egg hunt, failing to take into account that their children are Ross and Monica.” And, the other pithy caption was simply Swift taunting her little bro like any good older sister would, saying, “I'VE GOT LIKE A HUNDRED GOOD LUCK.” I urge you, watch the videos if you’re bored at your own holiday festivities, or if you’ve just got any amount of time on your hands. They are well worth it. But, the heart of the matter is that the singer made an incredibly astute observation.

She and Austin ARE Monica and Ross, and here’s proof:

Austin Is More Of The Academic Type, Like Ross

Taylor LOVES to cook, Just Like Monica

While Austin May Not Be A "Medical Marvel" Like Ross, He Does Bask In Being His Parents' Pride & Joy

Obviously, They're Ridiculously Competitive

But Also Weirdly In Sync

Basically, They're The Best Bro & Sis Pair Since These Fictional Goofs

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