5 Times Taylor Swift Proved To Be A Super Supportive Big Sister To Little Brother Austin — PHOTOS

It's no secret that Taylor Swift is close with her family. While she's always spending time with her parents, she's also especially close with her younger brother Austin. On Sunday, Austin Swift graduated from the University of Notre Dame, so of course Taylor was a supportive sibling and filmed a video cheering him on. It's pretty adorable! It also shows she puts family first, because it's the exact same day that she'll be attending the Billboard Music Awards and premiering her newest music video for "Bad Blood."

While this congratulatory moment was super sweet, it's not the only time that T. Swift showed her support. She seems to always be there for her brother, who she often brings with her as a date to award shows. The two also jokingly tweet at each other and celebrate family holidays with matching PJs.

Sometimes he tends to shy away from the spotlight (see this list of "17 Times Austin Swift Was Lurking In The Distance" for reference). And OK, sometimes they're like normal siblings and get incredibly competitive. Have you seen the Swift siblings' Easter egg hunt? That was quite intense! But regardless, she's always got his back.

Here's a recap of all the times that Taylor Swift was the ultimate big sister to her little brother Austin.

Visiting Him At School

Did you know Taylor and Selena Gomez once dressed up in Notre Dame gear to blend in at a football game at Austin's school? True story! This shows she wanted to be part of her brother's college experience.

Skipping Award Shows For His Shows

In 2014, Taylor skipped MTV's Europe Music Awards to visit her brother at Notre Dame and see him in the play "Six Characters In Search Of An Author." Afterwards, she posed for a photo with the cast and crew. Because of course she did.

Bringing Him To Big Events

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to choosing a date for award shows, instead of actually bringing a person she's dating, oftentimes Taylor brings Austin. Because how cool is it to sit front row with your brother?

Back in 2011, Taylor brought her brother to the American Music Awards and said, "He’s usually at college. He goes to college and just lives a completely different life than me. To take him into my world for a second, it made me feel really good to be winning."

Throwing Confetti On His Birthday

His facial expression may not be all smiley, but something tells me he appreciated his sister throwing confetti on his birthday. Who wouldn't?!

Celebrating His Graduation

As mentioned earlier, she attended Austin's college graduation and made sure to share her pride with the world. Not because she screamed so loud, but also because she posted the above video on Instagram.

It's no wonder that Austin shared this sweet tweet on Taylor's last birthday: