On 'The Good Wife' Episode "Loser Edit," Kalinda's Faked Email Metadata Came Back To Haunt Her & It Could Send Her To Jail

Uh oh: Kalinda Sharma's past came back to haunt her. On Sunday night's new episode of The Good Wife , "Loser Edit," Kalinda learned that private investigator Andrew Wiley was looking into a suspicious piece of evidence from Cary Agos' drug case — email metadata she falsified and then told Diane Lockhart was legitimate. Yikes. Kalinda had second thoughts about using the evidence in court, but Diane went ahead and presented it without her knowledge. It was what convinced the judge to let Cary go free!

That's bad... but it gets so much worse:

At the end of the episode, Wiley told Kalinda he knew she faked the email metadata (though how he came to that conclusion, we're not exactly sure). He said the sooner she came clean, the easier it would be for her and Diane. Wow. Is this how Kalinda, Diane, and possibly even Cary go down?

The situation looks pretty bleak at the moment, but if anyone can get themselves out of this mess, it's Kalinda. Not only is she incredibly intelligent, she's also incredibly well-connected — she's got friends "on the inside" just about everywhere you can imagine. However, it feels like Kalinda's gotten away with a lot of illegal stuff over the course of the series... perhaps her luck has finally run out?

In the preview for next week's episode, "Winning Ugly," Diane is shown admitting to using falsified evidence in court, so it appears as though Kalinda will take Wiley's advice and encourage Diane to come clean with her. I have to tell you, seeing Kalinda incarcerated and Diane disbarred is not how I wanted Season 6 to wrap up.

Here's to hoping they're somehow able to weasel their way out of this.

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