1970s Fashion Is Coming Back — So Here Are The Only Things You Need To Hop On The Trend

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Remember when '90s high-waist bottoms and rompers made an appearance last year? Well brace yourselves, because this time around '70s fashion has made a comeback thanks to the powers of fashion gods and the circularity of "trends." As a Millennial, I obviously didn't experience the '70s firsthand, but besides the technological advancements and excessive amounts of selfies permeating modernity, the two cultures seem relatively similar.

Amongst said similarities are a taste for music festivals, a focus on feminism, support of environmentalism and a flare for minimalism. Sure, we've evolved from discos to raves and from the hippie look to bohemian vibes, but people are still craving suede and bell bottoms (at least they are as of this year!). So here are the five groovy, retro, and far-out items that you need to pull off the trend. Surprisingly, all it really takes is a frock and a pair of thigh-thighs.

Image: Fotolia

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