So, You Want To Dress Like Audrey Horne?

by Mary Grace Garis

From the white dress in Lost Highway to the blue velvet robe in Blue Velvet, David Lynch knows how to use clothing to create a story, and Twin Peaks was no exception. Of course this was not without help of costume designer and frequent Lynch collaborator Patricia Norris (R.I.P. babe), who won the Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design in a series. From glasses to rings, every tiny accessory in the show lends some insight on the town and it's inhabitants. And with all these mysterious sartorial wonders, I'm sure there's only one thought on your mind: who are you going to dress as for your next Twin Peaks party?

Now don't play coy with me and say you've never heard of a Twin Peaks party. It's when a group of people dress up as every Twin Peaks resident, big or small. We're talking fish-in-the-percolator type specific. But if you need to throw on something in a pinch, or you just feel like channelling a Lynchian heroine for the hell of it, don't worry, I've got you covered.

Using an insightful eye into the psyche of each lady and copious rematches of the series, I've created a quick mock-up of how you can dress like three of Twin Peaks most important residents. Isn't it too dreamy?

Laura Palmer

Though by day she projected the perfect sugar sweet homecoming queen, Laura's reality was far darker, and it is that dark Laura that's simultaneously sadder, sexier, and style strong. So the game plan is very simple: all black clothing with one piece of interesting jewelry. For Black Lodge Laura, you want to go with a long sleeved v-neck dress, preferably floor length but in a pinch a midi dress would be fine. Search through your grandmother's stash of costume jewelry to find a faux-crystal brooch, and pin it to the base of the v. Toss on some black heels (which you should have already by virtue of being a person) and boom! You're a regular Laura doppelgänger.

For the Pink Room Laura look that we see in Fire Walk With Me, you basically just want to pair a shorter, sleeveless dress and some black legwear. Toss on a bolero or blazer and your trust black heels. And finally- and this is very important-you want to put one half of best friends heart necklace on. The devil is really in the details there.

In terms of the beauty look, red lipstick is a must, and you can either get blonde wig or go for that deep side part. You'll look dark, mysterious, and like you're about to sleep with half of the town. But in the best way!

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Audrey Horne

When we first meet Audrey Horne, she's slipping off a pair of saddle shoes for some bright red heels, and that moment speaks volumes. Audrey's style is basically born at the intersection of 1940's femme fatale and schoolgirl... or rather, a schoolgirl trying to be a 1940's femme fatale.

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Sweaters are a go-to staple in Twin Peaks, but Audrey's have a particular soft femininity to them. An easy Audrey look can be created when you pair a sweater-maybe in a pale pink or baby blue-with a knee-length plaid skirt. But the Audrey apparel I really covet is when she dons that tree print cardigan, an item of clothing so completely in a league of it's own. I've yet to find something close, but a floral print cardigan with a black pencil skirt will give you a similar vibe.

Some impeccably arched eyebrows, a red-orange tube of lipstick, and a stunning retro bob complete the look. Not sure how to manage any of that? Same. But luckily there's a tutorial that will hold your hand through the process. And don't forget the beauty mark!

Margaret Lanterman AKA The Log Lady

The Log Lady is basically the Alexa Chung of the Twin Peaks universe, in that people go crazy for her and I honestly just don't get it. Oh, and they're both next-level fashion icons. The Log Lady dresses in layers, showing that she is a complicated character with depth, that underneath her strange surface there's something else.

It is also very cold in the northwest. So. That also probably contributed to the layers thing.

Basically to be the Log Lady your goal is to get the thickest, rattiest collared cardigan you can fine, and build down from there. I say turtleneck optional, plaid flannel a must, bottoms are inconsequential (I mean, wear a skirt or something, obviously) and shoes should be dowdy. Red framed glasses complete the ensemble, and unless you're committing to the red glasses, I'd get something plastic and non-prescription.

Accessorize with a log.

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Images: CBS, Courtesy of brands, Giphy (5)