25 of the Most Stylish Moments from 'Twin Peaks'

With the release of a new Twin Peaks boxed set on July 29th (one that contains 90 minutes of previously unreleased footage) the cult series has been thrust back into the spotlight more than two decades after it first premiered. If you're a fan of the show, you know this renewed success is well-deserved. After all, Laura Palmer's death — and David Lynch's genius — made an indelible mark on television that is still evident today.

The residents of Twin Peaks (population 51, 201) taught us many things: That the owls are not what they seem, that sometimes all you need to solve a mystery is a damn fine cup of coffee. They also taught us that just because your town is plagued by murder, demonic possession, and grown women pretending to be high school cheerleaders, there's still no excuse to skimp on fashion.

To beat the forces of evil, you have to be well-dressed. If you fail and wind up trapped in the Black Lodge for eternity while your possessed body walks around hanging out with (or terrorizing) all your unsuspecting friends, well, at least you'll look spiffy in captivity.

Without further ado, here are the 25 best style moments from Twin Peaks and the prequel film Fire Walk With Me . In the words of Agent Dale Cooper, "I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange."

Oh, and spoilers ahead, obviously.

1. Audrey's cigarette break

How can a sweater be so stylish and so early '90s at the same time?

2. The Log Lady's... log

Like any good signature accessory, The Log needs no introduction.

3. Donna's oversized orange knit

To grieve a suspiciously murdered best friend, wear orange cable knit.

4. Josie's sumptuous coat

A dramatic coat for the dramatic (and lying) Josie Packard.

5. Maddy's red glasses

"But doesn't she look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?" Almost, except for those killer glasses.

6. Audrey's sexy school girl look

Audrey Horne gets what she wants in red pumps and a pleated skirt.

7. Grey hair, don't care

You've got to keep things low-maintenance when committing acts of murder and mayhem. Lucky for BOB, grey hair is in right now.

8. Monochrome

The Little Man From Another Place is SLAYING IT in an on-trend monochromatic red suit.

9. Laura's dark side

How Laura Palmer manages to remain so chic in the face of impending doom is beyond me. Here she is in all black preparing for a (firey) walk on the wild side.

10. Agent Cooper's suit

Somebody get this man a slice of cherry pie!

11. Donna's sunglasses

In this scene, Donna pairs the deceased Laura Palmer's black sunglasses with an adorable bow-necked sweater, black jacket, and sultry attitude.

12. Lucy's teased ponytail

The sassy police station receptionist knows how to work big hair and mismatched prints to her advantage.

13. Shelly's sheer blouse

Waitress Shelly Johnson is ahead of her time with this see-through embroidered top.

14. Audrey's tree sweater

This theme-appropriate cardi looks like it was ripped straight from an Anthropologie catalog.

15. Nadine's eye patch

It's always #TBT for Nadine Hurley, whose old-school cheerleading uniform gets a mature update in the form of an eye patch.

16. Bobby's '90s grunge

Floppy hair, leather jacket, flannel tied nonchalantly around the waist... swoon.

17. Laura in the Red Room

If she looks this good from the grave, we have no excuse to ever wear sweatpants in public again.

18. Agent Cooper's pajamas

"Oh hai, just hanging out at The Great Northern in my Brooks Brothers pajamas, looking fly in case Audrey Horne drops by."

19. Audrey's LBD

... and that cherry stem.

20. Annie's '80s prom dress

That's a damn fine taffeta bow Annie Blackburn is wearing on her visit to the Black Lodge.

21. Lucy's matching sweater set

Smartly off-set with orange lipstick and a look of shock.

22. Off-duty waitress chic

Norma and Shelly dress up their Double 'R' Diner uniforms with winter coats and glamorous bouffants.

23. Deck of cards lingerie

The ladies of the night at One-Eyed Jacks channel the Queen of Hearts in sexy underpinnings.

24. Everything about James Hurley

The brooding. The shearling-trimmed leather coat. The motorcycle.

25. Laura's homecoming photo

Iconic (and surprisingly tasteful) for a high school homecoming queen. Rest in peace, Laura Palmer.

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