Bothering George & Amal Clooney Will Get You A Massive Fine, So Here's How To Make Them Approach You Instead

Wanna say "'sup?" to George and Amal Clooney? Unless you're down with being slapped with a big old fine, you'd better fight the urge to do so. Bothering George and Amal Clooney carries a fine of $600 in their Lake Como town. Better warn your token relative who can't resist introducing themselves to celebrities at every chance they get in the most obnoxious way possible. And if you are that relative, get it together. You're embarrassing yourself.

As The Daily Mail reports, Roberto Pozzi, the mayor of Laglio, Italy, has issued an order warning that anyone who disturbs the people staying on the Clooney Villa grounds (presumedly George, Amal, and friends) or who trespasses on the property faces a 500 Euro penalty. That's the equivalent of approximately $600 over here in the good old U-S-of-A. As Gabrielle Bluestone at Gawker points out, this edict is clearly an endeavor to stave off paparazzi. Clooney's 53rd birthday bash is coming up, and the amped up Clooney protective laws are probably nothing more than some extra preventative measures. Then again, "bothering" is a pretty wide term that can conceivably include anything from stalking to attempting small talk.

It's understandable that George and Amal would want some privacy. Also, I'm guessing that this law will probably be enforced only in the case that their home falls under siege of photogs or punk kids. But just in case you're in the neighborhood, I'm thinking that you might want to figure out a way to get them to acknowledge you instead. Here are a few suggestions.

Turn On The Charm

Nobody can resist that blue ribbon wink of yours. Even if the Clooneys pull off the seemingly impossible feat of resisting, this is easy enough to pass off by rubbing imaginary dirt out of your eye.


A friendly wave is a great way to quickly garner the favor of celebrities. Also, if they don't respond, you can always turn to the age-old trick of pretending to have seen a friend just behind them.


Those moves are conversation starters.

Play A Game That They Can't Resist Asking To Get In On

Ah, the perennial playground ice-breaker: having an object to play with that other kids want in on. Just a few suggestions: jump rope, Bop It, Skip It, badminton, wiffle ball. George and Amal seem like game people.

Godspeed in all your Clooney friend-making endeavors.

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