Woody Wipes Are Just What The Name Implies

Attention parents: Your baby wipes are not the unisex cleaning methods you thought they were. Don't worry though, because Woody Wipes for boys are here to close the "gender gap" in hygiene offerings, which is apparently a thing. Personally, I kind of see baby wipes as an all-purpose tool for everyone. I wipe down with 'em when outside on a hot day. I use them to clean my bulldog's facial folds. My nephews use them in their armpits at their hockey games. My last BF used them to freshen up quickly, post-shower. But, according to the company, Woody Wipes were designed to meet men's specific hygiene needs. OK, I'm listening.

In a press release, Woody Wipes noted that there is a huge gender gap when it comes to hygiene offerings for women and men. You needn't venture further than a drugstore or Target for evidence of such — ladies definitely have more products to choose from.

Enter Woody Wipes! First off, can I just talk about how obsessed I am with the name? Way more clever than your usual baby wipes.

Besides fostering cleanliness and meeting dudes' needs, Woody Wipes want to help change the notion that men are primitive knuckledraggers whose cleanliness doesn't extend beyond soap and water or stepping into a liberal cloud of pungent body spray.

Why do Woody Wipes rule, at least in theory? Oh, the reasons are innumerable but I've narrowed it down to three.

1. Screw The Smell

Woody Wipes notes that there is a male-specific odor that often comes with the fact that body hair can trap dirt and bacteria, and thus create an unpleasant smell. Woody Wipes are said to be formulated to destroy that scent. On a psychological level, the wipes can eliminate some embarrassing sexual situations, too.

2. Fresh And Clean

The wipes are strong enough to destroy the odor, but they are also mild enough to clean without drying, so they are safe for newborns and their precious skin, too.

3. Cheap And Discreet

They are cheap, you can flush them, and you can tote them discreetly in pocket-sized pouches. Wow, just like tampons.

OK, if you are sold and want to buy some, well, you can't go to Walmart and get 'em just yet, which is a crying shame. For now, keep up with the Woody Wipes happenings, as the owner wants to launch other products, like a wash and a spray, and to get Woody Wipes on the map.

I feel like I'd gift Woody Wipes to every dude in my life based on the concept alone. Here's to hoping they become a thing.

Images: Giphy (2); Woody Wipes/PR Newswire (2)