Watch Taylor Swift Sing Dashboard Confessional

If you were an emo kid in the early '00s, your heart is about to explode. Taylor Swift and Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba sang "Hands Down" together at her friend Abigail's birthday bash in Nashville this weekend, and it's basically your current music taste and your high school jams colliding. The icing on the cake is that their friend Hayley Williams from Paramore was there too, so it packed double the punch of pop-punk love in one performance. Can they form a huge super group now?

Instead of Swift staging a Dashboard Confessional concert at her BFF's birthday, she instead pulled an early Swiftmas and had Chris surprise Abigail at the party. You can watch how it all unfolded in the series of videos below, ending with a huge sing-a-long and many trips to the elaborate photo booth. Even though you can see Abigail's reaction in the videos, her tweets after were the most telling. "Dude. Still crying. I died. There's no way. @carrabbachris sang me a birthday song," she wrote, to which Hayley responded, "@abiander nearly lost it when this happened.. The happy was too extreme." Hands down, this was the best day she can ever remember.