You Probably Know Dylan O'Brien's GF Already

by Nicole Pomarico

It's heartbreaking to even think about, but it's true. Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien is a taken man. What's even worse? His girlfriend of about three years, Britt Robertson, is too adorable to hate — plus, it's not like I can blame her for dating O'Brien, right? Now that piece of bad news is out of the way, it won't come as a shock to you when O'Brien shows up at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards with the gorgeous blonde on his arm, and after doing a little research, I've discovered she's actually a pretty cool girl with a seriously impressive Hollywood resume. Because Britt Robertson isn't just O'Brien's girlfriend — she has way more claims to fame than dating the star of one of MTV's biggest series.

But first, the basics. Robertson is 24 years old, and comes from a huge family as the oldest of seven children, which incidentally also means she was born to parents who must have saintly levels of patience. Although she left North Carolina at 14 years old to pursue acting, she didn't meet O'Brien until they filmed the movie The First Time in 2012, and although they aren't too terribly vocal about their relationship, it's hard to deny what a cute couple they are.

What else do you need to know about Robertson? Here are the details.

She's the newest romantic lead in Nicholas Sparks' latest love story

And if you guessed that the movie I'm talking about is The Longest Ride, you're correct! Robertson stars opposite Scott Eastwood in the steamy movie that will, inevitably, make you cry, since Sparks is behind it and all. And since stars of Sparks movies tend to go on to become mega-stars, don't be surprised if this movie propels Robertson into Rachel McAdams status.

She's also been all over TV

Not only did she star in The Secret Circle and Life Unexpected, but she also plays Angie in Under The Dome. Her other credits? Guest spots on CSI, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Law & Order: SVU.

She's not very active on social media

Like, seriously. See that right there? That was her last tweet. And it's almost a year old. And she hasn't Instagrammed anything since February, which would leave me in a catatonic state of wondering if my Starbucks drink even exists if I don't share it with my followers. Either Robertson has far more self control (and a way more interesting life) than I do, or she has a personal account she's more active on. Either way, I admire her restraint — and how precious that shoot is.

She's not a partier

In an interview with People in 2010, Robertson disclosed that she's kind of a "grandma" when it comes to her free time — and if you're a TV binge-watching, early bedtime haver like me, this is a quality you probably greatly admire in her:

My best friend actress Mahaley Hessam and I go to bed at 11 o’clock. We have such old lady schedules. Everyone’s always like, "Let’s go out!" And we’re always like, "No we don’t want to." They call us the grandmas. LA can get really old really quickly if you waste your life away in a club all night.

There's only one club I like: Club Netflix. Wanna join, Robertson?