12 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Theories Set Up By the Halloween Episode

By Kaitlin Reilly
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The Pretty Little Liars Halloween episodes never cease to frustrate me. Don't get me wrong: I practically live for the in-between-seasons episodes, mostly because, hello, how do you expect me to wait until January for answers?

Of course, no matter how great the episode is, this midseason gem upsets me because it brings up a plethora of new questions... no matter how many answers it delivered. And this year's Halloween episode was the strangest yet, with the girls strutting into the haunted town of Ravenswood in 18th century attire looking for their maybe-dead-maybe-not friend, Alison.

After some mishaps involving an old-fashioned phone booth, a secret underground tunnel, and a terrifying soldier in a gas mask, the girls — and viewers — finally got the answer they were searching for: Alison is alive! As fans suspected, our favorite mean girl is not, in fact, dead... and is hiding out from someone she's afraid of.

While the biggest answer we got was seriously juicy, it once again left us to speculate about what's next. So we had no choice but to put together a list of our favorite Pretty Little Liars theories for the winter season set up by Tuesday's Halloween episode. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until January to see if they pan out. Sigh.

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