12 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Theories Set Up By the Halloween Episode

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween episodes never cease to frustrate me. Don't get me wrong: I practically live for the in-between-seasons episodes, mostly because, hello, how do you expect me to wait until January for answers?

Of course, no matter how great the episode is, this midseason gem upsets me because it brings up a plethora of new questions... no matter how many answers it delivered. And this year's Halloween episode was the strangest yet, with the girls strutting into the haunted town of Ravenswood in 18th century attire looking for their maybe-dead-maybe-not friend, Alison.

After some mishaps involving an old-fashioned phone booth, a secret underground tunnel, and a terrifying soldier in a gas mask, the girls — and viewers — finally got the answer they were searching for: Alison is alive! As fans suspected, our favorite mean girl is not, in fact, dead... and is hiding out from someone she's afraid of.

While the biggest answer we got was seriously juicy, it once again left us to speculate about what's next. So we had no choice but to put together a list of our favorite Pretty Little Liars theories for the winter season set up by Tuesday's Halloween episode. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until January to see if they pan out. Sigh.

Ezra is New A!

Last season, we saw Ezra secretly following the girls to Ravenswood, dressed in classic A attire. When he walked into A's lair, he looked completely pissed, almost as if someone shut off NPR or repossessed his typewriter. After that, we saw him hang out in Ravenswood for the Halloween special, in which a man (maybe?) in a gas mask stalked the girls, even attacking Spencer until she sliced his hand with a garden tool. (You go, girl.) We didn't see who was in the gas masked soldier costume, but we do know that Ezra was in town... and that his right hand was placed in his pocket all night once he caught up with the girls. Is Ezra really EzrA? You can't spell Evil without the E...

Ezra Isn't New A!

Then again, we didn't actually see Ezra put on the gas mask. In the world of Pretty Little Liars, there is no such thing as an accident, which makes me inclined to believe that Ezra may not be the dude who tried to attack Spencer. Could he have had other motivations for being in Ravenswood? Could he have wanted to find Alison to protect her and the girls? All possibilities, though if Ezra pulls a Toby, I will be thoroughly disappointed.

Ali Is Scared of Wren, AKA "Board Shorts"

Why one would be scared of a 5'8" British boy-doctor, I have no idea. But Wren has been seriously shady during his entire run on the show (remember when he helped Melissa get medical supplies for Ian, who ended up dead?) so it's not totally surprising that there could be something sinister underneath Wren's accent. He definitely has a penchant for younger girls (Hanna AND Spencer, to name two) and could definitely have crushed on Ali during her summer at the beach. Could Wren be "board shorts"?

Jake is "Board Shorts"

A stretch, but doesn't it seem a little fishy that Jake suddenly appeared in town just as Aria was going on the rebound? While the show may have incorporated in Jake to throw a wrench into the Ezria relationship, I still have my suspicions about Jake's true intentions with Aria. Plus, Ms. Grunwald explicitly told the girls that one of them had been touched by the one that Ali feared the most. Could the one be Jake?

Ali is New A!

Then again, maybe Ali isn't really scared of anyone. Ali never struck me as the type of girl to cower in the face of a tormenter... why would she uproot her life because of a threat? Could Alison be engaging in another one of her twisted games and just messing with the liars in order to cause them harm down the road?

Alison Has a Twin

If Ali is alive (as we discovered in the Halloween episode), than whose body did everyone bury? There definitely was a body in that grave. (We know because an entire subplot was the fact that someone went and dug it up.) So if Ali's body was never in that hole, than whose body was it? Could Ali have a twin who took her place and ended up dead?

Mona Is Still Working Against the Liars

Mona could have easily pretended to be making amends with her former enemies, but what if the entire time we thought Mona was Team Liar, she was still very much Team A? Mona told Wren that she stopped telling him things because of where Wren's loyalties were... but what if Wren's loyalties remained with the Liars, and Mona was still sworn to Uber A?

Jenna, Melissa, and Shauna Are Protecting the Liars

We assumed that the meeting between Jenna, Melissa, and Shauna — where Melissa said she wanted to bring the "bitches" down, or something to that effect — was about them plotting revenge on the Liars. Yet, Melissa told Spencer that everything she had done she did to protect the girls, and we're inclined to believe her. What if the "bitches" referred to CeCe Drake and the other members of the A-Team?

Melissa Pushed Ian Off the Bell Tower

Melissa told Spencer that she has protected her from the beginning. How about from Season 1? While Melissa played the part of the grieving widow, when push came to show, did she save her sister from imminent doom?

Alison Pushed Ian Off the Bell Tower

But wasn't Melissa in the hospital when Spencer had her scuffle with Ian? Now that we know that Alison is alive, it would make sense that she would want to save her BFF Spencer from dying at the hands of her summer fling. Has Ali been protecting the girls all along? Did she save Emily from the carbon monoxide in the barn, too?

Alison Was Involved in the Death of Toby's Mom

Oh, hey, remember that forgotten plot point? A seems to have some information about Toby's mother's suicide. Could it have been that Alison had some connection to Toby's mother's death?

Alison Isn't Alive, She's a Ghost!

While Ravenswood may be filled with ghosts, Rosewood may have one or two of its own. (Remember the ghost girl that Ashley saw on Halloween?) It's possible that Ali did die... but that her spirit remains trapped in Rosewood until her killer's identity is revealed. That would certainly answer the question as to how Ali keeps on disappearing and reappearing... no one is that fast of a runner.