Who Is Cameron Dallas' New Girlfriend?

by Daniela Cabrera

Ah, yes, the dating life of a twenty-something will always be a wild roller coaster but when you're a young, hot guy with millions of adoring fans, the situation is even trickier. I understand how it is. Somewhere in your fanatical mind you hold on to hope that Justin Timberlake will indeed spot you out of the crowd and invite you on stage to propose. #noshame. Well, Cameron Dallas is not exactly in a boy band, but is something even more accessible: a social media star. Almost every bit of his life is open to his fans via his Vine account and his millions of YouTube subscribers, so of course fans are constantly wondering about his dating life. On April 1, Dallas posted a photo of himself with a girl of the beach which set his fan base on fire wondering who this girl was. So, who is Cameron Dallas's new girlfriend?

Turns out, that question might not be as easy to answer as you'd think. Searching for information, I stumbled across a Just Jared post, and someone mentioned in the comments section that the girl in his Instagram posts (where he was supposedly proclaiming his love) was a California cheerleader named Rachel Bentley. Then directly under this comment, someone wrote "and it's just a joke."

Hmm. A joke, you say? I figured this was just a heartbroken fan saying this to quell the situation, until I realized that it was posted on April 1. Cameron Dallas is a jokester, so was he just playing a mean trick on all his devoted fans? It didn't take too long before he decided to retract his girlfriend declaration on Instagram:

But, with some further investigation, I don't think Dallas is off the hook just yet. After some more Google searches, I found out that Dallas and Bentley actually do have some sort of past, and he might be hiding something from us. Back in December, Superfame posted some photos of the the two "making out" which got fans in a tizzy once again. Dallas acknowledged the photos in February on his Twitter, saying "I'm still single... we were never official, that's why I kept it low key."

Sure that's fine and dandy, but when you've got other incriminating photos floating around the Internet, someone is bound to find out and assume some things. Photos emerged of Dallas walking and holding hands with a girl that everyone identified as Bentley:

And fans definitely noticed:

Based on some other evidence (such as a photo of Bentley at the premiere of Dallas' film, Expelled) I'm inclined that believe that Cameron Dallas actually is dating Rachel Bentley, but is going the way of boy bands of the past in denying all romantic relationships, as to not "ruin" the image. Silly, I know, but we know what happens to girlfriends of bands such as One Direction, who are subjected to harassment online just like the boys. Plus, Dallas does confirm that he "does love her" the girl in the photo, and if you're a fan, you should respect who he loves and focus on the things that made you a fan of him in the first place, like those hilarious Vines and his up-and-coming film career. Those will always be there to soothe your broken heart.

Images: Getty Images