Do One Direction's Girlfriends Get Along?

It's pretty obvious that the guys of One Direction are best buds. Whether you've seen them joking around on social media or witnessed their antics firsthand at a concert, their friendship isn't just for show. They should get a set of matching "BFF" necklaces broken up into five parts. (Do they even make those anymore?) Anyway, while they all get along, what about their girlfriends? A majority of the band members are in pretty serious relationships. Louis Tomlinson has been dating Eleanor Calder since 2012. Liam Payne and Sophia Smith's romance goes all the way back to elementary school. And Zayn Malik? He's been engaged to Perrie Edwards since August 2013. Since it seems like these ladies will be around for the long-term, it begs the question: Do the 1D girlfriends get along?

I decided to investigate on Instagram and discovered some pretty amazing news: Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith are great friends. It makes my heart want to explode from the cuteness! Can't you just imagine all the double dates that happen? While I couldn't find any photos of them posing with Perrie Edwards, I imagine that's because she's off being a musical success in her own right. After all, Edwards is a member of Little Mix.

Here's photographic evidence of Sophia and Eleanor's friendship. Plus, the pictures prove they're ordinary girls, just like us! (Minus the whole dating a superstar thing...)

Casually Sipping Starbucks

Do you think they told the barristas to write "Liam's GF" or "Future Mrs. Tomlinson" on their cups? Just for bragging rights, and ya know, because they can.

Shopping at Sephora

Some retail therapy is probably necessary when tons of fans are jealous of your existence.

Taking Road Trips

Super casual! They can just hop in the car and go on a road trip to visit all of their boyfriends' tour stops. Plus, the dog in the car makes it even more fun.

Fangirling at 1D Concerts

You can hear "Little Things" a million times, but still freak out when it plays. Especially if it's being sung directly to you.

Admit it! Their friendship is adorable. And don't worry, if you're feeling left out about not dating a member of 1D, you can go re-watch the "Night Changes" video. The way the camera is angled lets everyone experience the joy of going on a date with 1D: