Teens See JNCO Jeans For The First Time

When it comes to talking about '90s fashion trends, I'm in the same boat as these teenagers: I kind of don't have a clue, at least about American '90s fashion. I grew up in Australia and maybe certain trends never hit us or maybe they did and we had enough sense to turn them away, but whatever the reason, I do not remember these hideous pants from the '90s. Although it's entirely possible my brain went into survival mode and completely erased the memory, in which case, thank you, brain. So for the uninitiated like me: JNCO jeans are hideous, and this Teens React video shows current day teenagers reacting in kind. They're like rave pants but one hundred times bigger and wider. They're absolutely insane. And these kids are right to think the generation before them was insane to wear them.

My question: How did anyone walk in these? Were they hiding something in them? What type of people wore these? And as one girl asks: "People actually wore these?" Totally insane. One guy, weirdly, thinks they're better than skinny jeans, which we all know is false, because we'd much rather see the shape of someone's nut sack than have people walking around wearing something that could cover the island of Manhattan. The kids get more and more worked up by the ludicrousness of the jeans as they try them on, which is quite endearing to watch. This girl's even got her '90s references DOWN:

Watch the full set of reactions below:

Here are 5 other wacky 9'0s trends that I'm sure would blow the minds of teenagers today:

1. Scrunchies

2. Bindis on white people

3. Velvet hats

4. Platform Sketchers

5. Lou Bega

Images: YouTube(2); Giphy(5)