Crash Spoilers From ‘Finding Carter’ Stars Reveal What’s In Store For CarCrash & Maxlor

This is not a drill, people — your worst nightmare is about to be realized if you're still not over the fact that Crash shot Max on Finding Carter Season 1. Sure, Maxlor got back together during last Tuesday's premiere, but that won't make what's coming to Season 2 any easier for you. Or rather, who's coming. MTV has confirmed that Crash is returning to Finding Carter Season 2 during this week's episode and things don't look good for him or our favorite characters. Series stars Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron dropped some spoilers about Crash's return to Bustle and, well, things are going to get complicated.

"I think that she has these feelings for Crash still, even though she got him arrested," Prescott says of how Carter still feels about Crash even after everything that went down in Season 1. "This season isn’t set that far away from the last season, so the stuff is still relatively fresh and Carter is still in love with Crash and has these feelings for him," the actress says. Honestly, I can empathize with Carter because my anger about Crash shooting Max is still VERY fresh. But can Carter's love for Crash overpower how she feels about her family and the actual best friend she has — Max?

"Him being put prison was kind of an easy way for her to physically and mentally have space from him and not have to deal with the feelings that she has towards him," Prescott says, "When he comes back it’s kind of like she’s angry at him for shooting her friend, for upsetting her whole family, and for forcing her to deal with the feelings that she has for him and the conflict of those feelings rather than just putting them away and moving on." So we definitely shouldn't be banking on a "CarCrash" reunion in the very near future and, speaking of 'ships — Crash's return won't just turn Carter's life upside down emotionally, there's also the newly reunited Maxlor to consider here.

Jacoby-Heron, who obviously 'ships Maxlor alongside the rest of us, says of Crash's return and its effect on Maxlor, "They both have really, really opposite ways of dealing with his return and that’s kind of where their relationship falters." FALTERS? Damnit, Crash. "Everyone’s going to get to see if they come together and say, 'Alright, we’ll agree to disagree about this,' or it’s going to tear them apart," the actress tells Bustle. Wasn't it enough for Crash to break these two up once? Are we all going to have to deal with this heartache all over again in Season 2?

Everyone's in such a vulnerable place following the Season 2 premiere, even though Carter was returned home safely and Lori's locked in jail, that the return of Crash can't mean anything good for anyone. And, I'm sorry, but shouldn't he have spent more than a few days in jail? Not to be a total downer or anything, but it really doesn't seem like Crash had any time to reflect on how INSANE it was that he shot Max.

Images: screengrab/MTV; stevenscarter, findingcarter/Tumblr