Maxlor Broke Up On 'Finding Carter' & They Need To Get Back Together Right Now

If you're not feeling totally hopeless right now, you're probably lying to yourself. During last Tuesday's Season 2 premiere, Maxlor got back together on Finding Carter and all was right in the world. And then the series broke our hearts again. During this week's episode, Crash caused a Maxlor break up on Finding Carter — as if that guy hasn't done enough damage already — and it's the worst possible thing that could've happened. If you think I'm exaggerating, again, you're probably lying to yourself. Crash isn't a viable enough reason for Maxlor to call it quits after getting back together for one day, which obviously means that this 'ship needs to get back together right now.

I'll admit it, I'm incredibly attached to Maxlor as a couple and it's not just because I'm dating him in my imaginary dream life. Taylor and Max together are easily the best distraction from the crazy kidnapping, affair-central drama on Finding Carter and they're essentially the only couple to root for on this series. (I mean, it's not like we can root for David and Elizabeth, people.) And it's just cruel to keep them apart now that they've already realized how much they love each other.

Unfortunately, I get where both sides are coming from. Part of what we love about Max is that he's got a good heart and he doesn't want to be that angry person that broke up with Taylor last season. So, really, it doesn't surprise me at all that he'd want to at least try to make peace with what Crash did to him. On the other hand, however, if I were Taylor, I'd absolutely be feeling the same way she is. Crash put Max through so much — he put her through so much — and he really doesn't deserve a place in their lives again. But what happens now that Maxlor's decided — in an extremely mature fashion, might I add (props) — to go their separate ways while they figure out how they feel about Crash because they love each other too damn much to not be the best people they can be about this?

I mean, they obviously will get back together — because there's no way that Finding Carter is going to deprive us of this in Season 2:

Ugh, my heart.

Image: screengrab/MTV; findingcarter, findingcarter/Tumblr