Prince George's Royal Christening Photos Are Even Cuter Than You'd Expect

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On Wednesday, Kate Middleton and Prince William were joined by only 22 of their closest family and friends for what's being called the Royal Christening. Their 3-month-old son Prince George was baptized St. James Palace in front of his seven godparents. Naturally, the whole thing was an overdone spectacle, and naturally, we couldn't take our eyes off it.

It's no surprise that the christening has turned into a media frenzy. The Royal Wedding was a veritable circus back in April of 2011, and since then, the attention placed on the royal couple has been intense. Everything they've done has been under a microscope, but for the most part, the press has been generally positive. They're hard not to love, and Kate seems to do no wrong. From her skinny jeans that sell out in seconds to her speeches to her general demeanor of grace, glamour, and poise, she's hard not to admire.

The focus on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was never as intense, however, than when Kate became pregnant. Her baby bump sold millions of magazines and when it came time for her to give birth this July, photographers and reporters camped out in front of the hospital for weeks. When Prince George finally arrived on July 22, 2013, most of us cheered because, well, babies are exciting, OK? Then, when Kate stepped out hours later to introduce her son to the masses, we watched with wide, believing eyes. Our Prince had arrived! Err, not exactly, but still, there was a fairytale quality about the whole thing.

And now, the storybook tale continues. Take a look at the best photos from the baby's big day. We'll be updating the gallery as more photos come in!

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