William & Kate Release First Official Family Photo

by Kate Ward

I covet Kate Middleton's hair, clothes, and ability to do her own make-up at her royal wedding, but I have never, ever coveted her life. Being thrust into the public sphere — and being forced to be at Queen Elizabeth's beck and call — would shy me way from joining any sort of family, let alone the royal family. I simply do not have the self-control to avoid being seen eating macaroni and cheese in public in sweatpants.

But, after seeing the first official photos of Middleton's new family — complete with husband Prince William, baby Prince George Alexander Louis, and dog Lupo — well, I have no choice but to say: Slap me in a Issa London dress, give me some volumizing products, and introduce me to the queen, because I want in when it comes to this family.

Add onto it the fact that Prince William gave a very charming — and very relatable — first interview to CNN, and, suddenly, royal life seems as attractive as a shirtless Prince Harry.

See the dual pictures — released by the royal family less than one month after Prince George's birth — below, and wonder how it took fatherhood for Prince William to reclaim his dreamboat throne.

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images