These Americans Trying To Pronounce Traditional Irish Names Will Make You Feel Better About Not Knowing How To Say "Saoirse Ronan" — VIDEO

Have you ever looked at a written word and been unable to pronounce it? The last time I felt that way was back in eighth grade English class, being forced to read out loud from Shakespeare or whatever text we were studying at the time. That is, of course, until I watched this Buzzfeed video of Americans trying to pronounce traditional Irish names. If you're sitting there reading this, all up on your high horse like, "Whatever, it's the English language, who CAN'T pronounce these words? What, can't you READ?" get the hell down from there and give it a shot yourself, because I guarantee if you weren't raised in an Irish family, and haven't had to read and pronounce Irish names your whole life, you're going to be just as stumped as the people in the video and I were.

You think you know everything about silent letters? Well, think again! You've almost assuredly been pronouncing "Saoirse Ronan" wrong this whole time, and this video is probably going to blow your mind when you hear how some of these names are actually pronounced. (Hint: It's not the way that you'd pronounce them from the written word in American English.) Just goes to show you that Americans don't always know everything. (I say that with the greatest love for American people, but come on, guys, let's admit that we're not right all the time.)

Watch below, and try out each pronunciation yourself!

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Here are some other famously difficult to pronounce words that aren't Irish, according to popular culture:

1. "Leviosa" (not a real word, so you are forgiven if you're a Muggle and pronouncing it wrong)

2. "Supposedly"

3. "Eulogizer"

4. "Gym"

5. "Gif" (which it's still unclear what we've decided on, because we're told it's "jiff" but everyone keeps saying "gif")

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