Gina Rodriguez Shared Her Cardinal Sin of Skincare

When Jane the Virgin's lead actress isn't scooping up awards or glowing on a red carpet, Gina Rodriguez's beauty regimen is natural and fresh. Although her makeup routine has changed for appearances, when she's at home, her focus has stayed the same: great skincare. In an interview with Yahoo! Style, she shares the bad habit that can wreak havoc on even the most meticulous skincare steps: touching your face.

"I really don’t mess with my face," she says. "I don’t touch it because my hands are dirty!" Rodriguez is definitely on to something here: our fingers are full of nasty bacteria that can clog pores and aggravate skin. Lovely, right? Touching your face is right up there with skipping sunscreen and sleeping in your makeup (don't do those things, either.) Seriously, it's bad.

I'm not judging, though: I'm the worst about keeping my hands away from my face, so I know that the struggle is real. (I've probably touched my face twice since I started writing this.) I don't even notice I'm doing it; it's become second nature, and my skin has definitely seen the negative results over the years. So thanks for the reminder, Gina — hands off startingggg now. Promise.

And in case you need some convincing, just check out how glowy and flawless Gina's face is. That should be enough to motivate you to keep your fingers away from your face.