'Dance Moms' Kendall Has A New Single, Proving Her Music Career Is Already On The Rise — VIDEO

It's no secret that the girls of Dance Moms' Abby Lee Dance Company girls are insanely talented. Seriously, they dance like they've already gone pro (I mean, Maddie Ziegler pretty much has), and have the awards to prove it. But that's not all they're good at. It turns out that, like Nia Frazier before her, Dance Moms star Kendall Vertes wants to be a pop star. Just like any other pre-teen girl, right? I mean, I know I wanted to be a pop star when I was her age, but I was too busy dealing with braces, an unhealthy obsession with the Jonas Brothers, and layering T-shirts over hoodies (I was a real winner in middle school) to actually do anything about it. Unlike me, however, Kendall is really pursuing her music career.

We'll see more of her progress in Tuesday night's new episode of Dance Moms, "Hollywood, Round Two." According to the episode's synopsis, here's what's going down.

The ALDC is back in LA and it's time for the team to redeem itself by focusing on what made these girls stars in the first place: winning competitions! Holly and Jill don't see eye to eye when Abby decides to manage Kendall's new singing career. The pressure is on for Nia and Kendall as they both work to become pop stars while going head-to-head with solos this week. Not forgetting the constant fits of drama from Abby last time in Los Angeles, the girls give their all in the group dance in hopes of making their teacher proud.

Looks like Abby is continuing her spree of making Nia's life miserable and ensuring it's damn near impossible for any of the girls who aren't Maddie to pursue a career! What a wonderful mentor/agent/teacher/professional screamer/self-esteem-ruiner she is.

Anywho, if Kendall was already pursuing this career when this season of Dance Moms was being filmed, that means she must have made some progress by now, right? I hunted around the Interwebs to see what I could find, and here's what Kendall has been doing with her other talent.

Kendall & Maddie Singing To A Mysterious Justin

This is beyond adorable. I love seeing these girls having fun instead of cowering in fear in Abby's studio.

Kendall Singing With A Mystery (Read: Impatient) Guest

Dance Moms News on YouTube

We are all Mackenzie Ziegler in this video.

Kendall, Nia, Maddie, & Mackenzie Doing Their Best Anna Kendrick Impression

Maddie Ziegler Fan on YouTube

I would like to live in a world where I'm paid to sing "Cups" in front of other people. I feel like that'd be a pretty sweet way to earn a living.

This Short Preview Of Kendall's First Single

It's really happening, guys. This is not a drill.

Kendall's Official Music Video For Her First Single, "Wear 'Em Out"

It's definitely catchy song, and the video features fantastic dancing, so don't be surprised if you hear this song somewhere else very soon.

Image: Scott Gries/Lifetime