A Definitive Ranking of Hilary Duff's Albums

Hilary Duff has proven that this year is the year for her big comeback. And like every other '00s kids, I couldn't be more excited. After taking some time off to her self these past few years, Hilary is finally getting back into the swing of things with her career. Not only does she have a refreshing new show, Younger , on TVLand, she also working on an album. This summer we got a taste of that new music with singles like "All About You" and "Chasing the Sun," but as she began filming her show in NYC, things got put on hold. But rejoice fans, because the hiatus is over once again. Hilary released a brand new track, "Sparks" Monday morning and it's the perfect blend of everything we loved about her old music mixed with a perfected new pop sound.

Seriously, just like "So Yesterday," you won't be able to get this track out of your head. Now that she's finally finished with filming Younger, we hope this new release means her new album's release is right around the corner. While we can't wait to see where her music goes from here, let's reminisce on her old stuff as we rank her past albums from bottom of the barrel to the absolute best of Hil Duff.

Best of Hilary Duff

As Hilary's first greatest hits, this album was packed with the singles we all know and love, but new releases such as "Reach Out" and "Holiday" were generally lacking.


This album had a lot more depth material wise as Hilary brought up many personal life experiences, but in terms of songs, the most notable are "Play With Fire" and "With Love."

Santa Claus Lane

Not only was this Hilary's first Christmas album, what people may not know is that it was technically her "debut" album (since it was her first release). And with a hit like "Santa Claus Lane," this album is easily one of her greatest.

Hilary Duff

Developing a more mature sound from her past albums, Hilary became the "girl who can rock" taking after singers such as Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson.

Most Wanted

In this compilation album, Hilary was worried how fans would receive her new dance sound, but those anxieties were quickly discouraged as the album reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart.


This is the Hilary Duff we all know and love. Other albums may come and go, but this one will never be "So Yesterday."

Listen to her new track, "Sparks," below:

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