The Reason You Need To Have Sex Every Day

Basic science tells us that sex is great for us. It helps to stave off heart disease, certain cancers, strengthens the immune system, can aid in decreasing stress and depression, and is definitely the most fun way to workout. But what about having sex every single day? Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing even if that good thing is sex? No. Having sex daily is good for you.

Conducting probably one of the most fun experiments ever, Huffington Post blogger Brittany Gibbons decided to have sex every day for a year, and, of course, being a blogger, she kept a detailed account of how it changed her. What Gibbons found was that sex every single day made her feel, for lack of a better word, awesome. She was more confident, was stoked every morning to get out of bed, more secure in her body, and one hell of a happy camper. Gibbons is the cold, hard proof that when it comes to sex, moderation should be thrown out the window.

In addition to all the physical and mental benefits to getting it on every day, a study out of the University of Newcastle found that daily sex boosts creativity, especially if all that sex is being had with lots of different people. The study found that poets and artists have twice as many sexual partners than those who are not engaged in the arts in any way, and that the more sexual partners these artists had, the more creative they became.

What made that creativity peak even more was when sex was combined with love. A separate study found that when participants were asked to think of sex with love versus casual sex where love wasn’t part of the equation they found that the former contributed to far greater creative output. Does this mean that artists love all those people they’re bedding? Probably in their own way… you know how the artsy types can be.

While drinking too much and other excesses may get you into a whole boatload of trouble, sex, in excess, remains pretty much the only thing that continues to be good for you. Although I’m not suggesting you call in sick to work tomorrow so you can spend the whole day banging your favorite sex buddy, what I am suggesting is taking time to have more sex in general We tend to let life get in the way of the quality time we should be spending with the important people in our lives, and with so many benefits that come from daily sex, we’d be foolish not to set aside the 20 minutes or so to do it every day.

Image: VadimGuzhva/Fotolia; Giphy(2)