6 Times One Direction Proved To Be Fans Of Fifth Harmony (Pro Tip: Prepare Your Heart For Liam Payne's Dance Moves)

Not to toot my own horn, but if I say I am going to do something, an anxiety goblin will gnaw at my elbow until I do whatever it is I said I'd do. (Well, excluding any time I get frustrated with any of electronic device and swear I will drop my laptop into the concrete half pipe that is the L.A. River/run over my iPhone with my car/stick my wireless router in the microwave for 20 minutes. Those are empty threats. I guess if I sneezed money, I could afford to destroy devices willy nilly, but I definitely do not sneeze money. Alas, I must be patient with my electronics.) So, when I said I'd round up some moments that prove the dudes of One Direction are fans of Fifth Harmony, there was a solid chance it was going to happen. Well, here we are. The list happened. The anxiety goblin can take a hike.

Time and time again, the gals of Fifth Harmony proudly wave their Directioner flags, but the fandom isn't one-sided; the "Story Of My Life" songsters are bonafide Harmonizers (and bonafide harmonizers, AMIRITE?). Ready for the examples? Warning: These tweets and videos will light up your world like nothing else.

When Harry Styles told 5H they were "amazing" on The X Factor

That X Factor bond runs deep.

When Liam Payne tweeted about Reflection

A+ taste in music, Liam.

When Liam danced to 5H

A+ dance moves, Liam.

When Niall applauded the birthday prank 5H pulled on Simon Cowell

Like I said, that X Factor bond runs deep.

When Harry shared some words of wisdom with 5H

In a December 2014 interview with MTV UK, Normani Kordei recounted the time Harry told 5H to "always stick together because [they're] stronger together." He also said the 5H ladies will "be in this industry for a long time." You got that right, Mr. Styles.

(Given recent events, the "stick together" advice made my face crumple into a cartoonish frown, but that doesn't take away from the sentiment.)

When Harry popped his booty to Fifth Harmony’s music