17 Unique Bathing Suits That Will Get You Pumped To Shed The Layers

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Much like finding the perfect pair of jeans, finding the perfect swimsuit is a nearly impossible feat that will test all your limits until you think you're going to burst in your underpants in a dressing room that looks like the swim section exploded in it. But instead of getting discouraged, and just giving up hope overall, it’s important to do some research before you go out and really start your hunt for a summer ensemble that has to endure a vacation, road trip, and occasional pool outing.

Thankfully, this summer’s styles aren’t your typical, boring LBB (little black bikini) or bright floral one-pieces. Stores and online shops are actually becoming quite innovative with their swimsuit designs, from including laser cut detailing to incorporating sheer fabric and lace lining. So, no longer is your swimsuit restricted to just sun and water! It can also be paired with your favorite wardrobe pieces.

Here are 17 unique swimsuits that are guaranteed to rock your summer and beyond.

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