7 Body Positive Swimwear Brands For +Size Babes

With summer on the horizon and the beach on everyone's mind, people are going to start talking about "getting into shape" so you can wear a bikini. If you ask me, any shape that you're in is bikini ready, since there are no size requirements you have to meet to rock a piece of clothing, despite what society tells you. Up until recently, trying to find a bikini that came in plus-sizes was nearly impossible, but with the success of hashtags like #fatkini and body-positive fashion blogs like Gabifresh, retailers are starting to get on board with this message, too.

In the spirit of body positivity, consider this your permission (not that you needed permission) to rock a fabulous bikini, no matter what your size is! I still remember how liberated I felt the first time I rocked a two-piece and I believe the more diversity of body types we see on the beach and in the pool, the more progress we're going to make with size acceptance. Now, if you're wondering where you can go to find a great bikini that comes in your size, I've got you covered.

Here's a list of places that are doing just that, that you can check out when bikini shopping.

1. Swimsuits For All

Swim Sexy Red Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Bikini, $40, Swimsuits For All

This body-positive website created a viral social media campaign #CurvesinBikinis that was in seen in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, with a plus-size model in a bikini — the first of its kind to be featured in the magazine. They also replicated Sports Illustrated's 2014 cover, using four beautiful plus-size models. They definitely know how to bring the fashion to us fuller-figured women, as their swimwear is anything but boring. The website features swimwear in sizes 8-34 and has a variety of styles to choose from, including bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, and swim dresses.

The swimwear here is in the mid-range price point, with most of the items being around $40-50. What I love the most about this website is that the swimsuits they sell have fun, colorful prints, intricate embellishments, and gorgeous designs, all of which plus-size clothing is so often missing. If you like bold fashion and want to rock the current trends, you will love Swimsuits for All. Even better, they've teamed up with Gabifresh to create an exclusive collection that is so innovative, they can't keep it in stock.

2. Forever 21 Plus

Tropical Print Bandeau Top, $16, Forever 21Tropical Print Bikini Bottom, $15, Forever 21

I am delighted to see that Forever 21 has expanded into plus-sizes and also now offers them in stores. I have loved this trendy fast-fashion retailer for years, but found myself struggling to fit into what they call a size Large. When they started selling plus-size clothing, I couldn't have been more excited, until discovering that they were only offering these options online — how did that make any sense? Suffice it to say, when they finally added their plus-size clothing to the retail locations a few months ago, I was ecstatic.

Forever 21 kills it when it comes to their fashion game and they've really stepped it up with their Forever 21 Plus swimwear collection. They offer a variety of options in sizes 1-3X, including high-waisted bikini bottoms, one-pieces, and strappy detailing. Most of their bikinis tend to be the same shape, though, and I wish they offered some low-waisted options for bottoms. Still, you can't beat the price point that this collection is offered at, and in the style of the retailer, you get a lot of bang in design for your dollar. If you're looking for affordable options or want to buy a lot of different bikinis that you can mix and match, definitely take a gander!

3. Torrid

Skull Print High-Waisted Swim Bottom, $25, TorridSkull Print Natural Support Bikini Top, $44, Torrid

This is a plus-size fashion classic and before plus went mainstream, this was one of the few stores that offered cute clothing to those over a size 16. Torrid is still going strong, I'm happy to report, and has a lot to offer in terms of bathing suits.

The swimwear options they sell tend to be in classic, sweetheart cuts with push-up bras for tops that show a lot of cleavage but still offer plenty of support. If you prefer a traditional beach look with a bit of a modern twist (think Taylor Swift), you will love the plus-size collection at Torrid. Just be warned that they do sell at a pretty high price point and depending on your budget, they might be out of your range. If you're the type of girl who prefers to invest in one or two classic swimwear pieces for the year that you can wear over and over again, however, I would highly suggest looking into this brand.

4. Monif C.

"Fiji" Sweetheart Ruched Plus-Size Swimsuit, $98, Monifc

If you like to live fabulously, you will absolutely love Monif C. This designer is making amazingly innovative bikinis and one-pieces that will make anyone stop and stare. If you love to take fashion risks, adore cutouts, wear a lot of color, or are a sucker for animal print, you'll be smitten by these swimsuits.

This brand is definitely for those who love to rock their curves — one of the things I find most refreshing about their presentation is that the models they choose look confidently sexy and you can tell that they know it! These ladies are living, breathing representations of body positivity. While the prices are listed on the higher end, they have a lot of discount codes and promotional offers that you can cash in on to bring down the cost of your swimwear, so with that in mind, the prices are more geared towards the mid-level.

5. Full Beauty

Polka Dot Bandeau/Halter High-Waist Bikini, $41, One Stop Plus

Formerly known as OneStopPlus, Full Beauty is your one-stop shop for plus-size everything! So, It's only natural that they also feature a wide variety of swimwear! I was very impressed by the amount of options they had when I first discovered the website, and they really have something for everyone — whether you prefer to look modest, sexy, or something in between. They also offer a wide variety of brands and designers, so the prices are varied, depending on what you're looking for.

One of the things I appreciate most about Full Beauty is that they offer a lot of non-traditional bathing suit options. Some of these include swim skirts, swimwear boxer shorts, board shorts, and skirtinis. I know many women want to wear bathing suits that allow them to surf and engage in athletic activities on the beach without having to worry about flashing someone, and if this describes you, you'll want to check out the swimwear options on this site!

6. House Of Swim

Raidance Tiered Bandeaukini Plus, $62, House Of Swim

House of Swim offers plus-size swimwear in sizes 16-26. Their bathing suits feature a lot of color and interesting patterns, and they combine these fun styles with classic cuts and shapes, which makes them very accessible for every kind of customer. They also have tops with underwires in them, which offers a lot of great support for your girls, should you need it.

The price point on these swimsuits is in the mid range, with the average coming in at around $50. If you love bathing suits that are flirty but also somewhat conservative, you will really enjoy what House of Swim has to offer!

7. Target

Plus-Size Bikini Swim Top Black/White Ava & Viv, $25, TargetPlus-Size Skirtini Swim Bottom Black Ava & Viv, $23, Target

Finally, this oldie but goodie has really stepped it up when it comes to the trendiness of their plus-size swimwear. They are currently offering designs from a collaboration with Ava & Viv that have resulted in a stunning 25-piece swimsuit collection that I know you're going to love! The range of styles is really diverse here, as they offer swim skirts, underwire bikini tops, hipster cut bikini bottoms, classic bikinis, and board shorts. There really is something in this collection for every type of girl, from those of us who love bold prints to those who prefer to wear a more sporty look at the pool. In true Target style, all of the pieces in this swimwear collection are very affordable, with prices ranging from $23-40.

No matter what type of bathing suit you prefer to wear, I hope you'll find one that suits your personal style and comfort needs! Get in on the social media fun and take a selfie of yourself in your favorite suit to participate in hashtags like #Fatkini or #CurvesinBikinis. I can't wait to see all of your gorgeous swimsuits this summer!

Images: Courtesy Brands