7 Times Anna Kendrick Was a #BossPitch

by Kelsie Gibson

After the release of Pitch Perfect , Anna Kendrick quickly became the girl we all want to be BFFs with. Not only is she super funny, but just like her character Beca, she really just doesn't care what people think of her. Since then, she's come a long in her acting career, but her Pitch Perfect fandom is still going strong. After the first film's tremendous amount of success, Universal Pictures thought it was only right to give the viewers more of what they wanted, another movie. As the Barden Bellas would say, aca-awesome!

This year, we've gotten a few sneak peeks of the new movie, but one of the biggest inside looks so far is the movie's recent promo pictures featuring a very cool Beca. Fans were quickly inspired and began posting pictures of themselves with the infamous image using the hashtag, #BossPitch. While it's no lie that Anna looks fierce in the photo, she said, not everyone was on board with the look.

They were sweating because I wouldn’t strike a sexy pose. Love that you guys embrace Beca the badass!

As we anxiously await the return of the pitches, here are a few times Anna Kendrick was a #bosspitch herself.

But first here's the pic ---

When She Earned A Tony Award Nomination At Age 12

Even at 12, Anna was destined for greatness.

When She Rapped Dr. Dre's "No Diggity"

And it quickly became super popular and stuck in our heads forever.

When She Got Real With Us About Body Image

In reality, Anna is just a normal girl (except way way more awesome).

When She Sang Fancy Dressed as Ariel From The Little Mermaid

Probably one of the most memorable SNL skits that year, Anna dressed as one of the best Disney princesses singing one of the most popular hits of that time.

When She Met the President and Made Him Laugh

Yeah, Anna is so cool even the president laughs at her jokes.

When She Lip Synched Alongside Jennifer Lopez

Seriously can't wait for this lip sync battle. How sassy is Anna with that hair flip?

When She Live Tweeted The Bachelor

And then this happened. But literally anytime Anna tweets, it's pure gold.

Image: Getty Images