Caitlin Caporale Sings Beyonce In 'The Voice' Live Playoffs & Makes Singing A Queen Bey Song Look Like An Easy Task

We've reached The Voice Live Playoffs and this is when things get intense. So intense, in fact, that it's time to break out the Beyonce. Though it was a risky choice, Caitlin Caporale proved that even the toughest Queen Bey songs can be done and they can be done right. The competition this season in tough, but the New York native showed the coaches and other contestants that she came to play. Caporale's performance put her at the top of the competition tonight, and proved that she'll be in this game for quite a while.

Caporale's performance of "Best Thing I Never Had" was so different from Beyonce's version — and that's why it worked. She really made the song her own by stripping it down and turning it into more of a ballad than a pop/R&B song. It's hard to not want to emulate Beyonce — most of us do it every day, am I right? — but Caporale didn't and that's why her performance was so good. This originality will help the aspiring pop singer stand out amongst the other contestants in her genre and put her on top of the game.

It's a pretty big compliment for the judges to tell Caporale that she's a major threat at this point in the game — and that's why it's basically guaranteed that she'll make it through these playoffs pretty easily. There's no shortage of talent on this season — especially when it comes to female talent (which is a major relief after the male dominated Season 7). Though Caporale doesn't have the experience of Sarah Potenza or the crazy dance moves of Hannah Kirby, she stands out thanks to her confidence, poise, and ease on stage. These traits, mixed with her effortless talent, insane belt, and fabulous fashion sense will win over the voters and take her step after step closer to getting Pharrell his first The Voice win.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC