What 'Little Women LA' Stars Will Join 'Terra's Little Family'? We Want To See Her Closest Friends Meet Baby Penelope

I am seriously missing Little Women: LA Season 2 right now. I feel like the whole season ended on a huge cliffhanger for every cast member (will Briana stay with Matt??? Will Traci and/or Christy add to their families?). But there is hope — maybe some of the other Little Women: LA stars will appear on Terra's Little Family , the spinoff series about Terra Jole's pregnancy and new baby premiering on April 8.

We've seen on the regular season of Little Women: LA that Terra is getting a lot closer to Elena, and may even consider Elena her best friend in the cast now, so I'm sure that Elena was around during the last trimester of Terra's pregnancy. Could that mean an appearance on Terra's Little Family? I'm sure Terra demanded a fair amount of last minute partyin' before she went into full mama bear mode. The question is, will we get to see their hangouts on the new show?

Traci and Tonya have also been Terra's good friends for years, so I'm sure they were also some of the first people to meet little Penelope. And the cameras just kept shooting after Little Women: LA, so I don't think enough time passed that all of a sudden Terra isn't close to her LW pals anymore. But while I kept my eyes peeled for glimpses of the other girls, there were none to be found in the Little Women LA: Terra's Little Family trailer, below.

But these ladies really do spend time together. Instead of just live-tweeting episodes at home, they show up for viewing parties and even celebrate holidays together. The cast loves to meet and interact with fans. They even spent New Year's Eve together.

But there is one thing that might keep the rest of the ladies away from Terra's new spinoff — logistics. Namely, that Lifetime would likely have to negotiate different contracts/appearance fees for the other cast members to appear on the new show. I'm sure they'll all eventually meet little Penelope and congratulate the exhausted (and possibly engaged?!) new parents. I just hope we'll get to see it on Terra's Little Family — at the very least, we should be able to get a glimpse of it all on social media.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime