A Bunch Of Misbehaving Dogs Get Shamed With Signs

by Catie Keck

For lack of a better way to describe our equal parts pained and rewarding cohabitation with our four legged roommates, please refer to these misbehaving dogs being shamed for their crimes, because the friendlier of our two preferred domesticated companions (sorry, cat people) are not without their shortcomings. It’s difficult to try not to make any sweeping generalizations, but the below pictures speak volumes about the sins of our beloved canines. Dogs are wonderful, but let's be honest: They mess up sometimes. They actually mess up a lot. And when they do, you pretty much have no choice but the shame them until they feel properly remorseful for what they've done wrong.

Both cats and dogs get a bad rap for being the holders of our hearts and destroyers of our every worldly possession, each in their own hellish way. But the reason cats wear this look so well is because they truly DGAF. Cats know when they’re doing something wrong. Cats will continue doing that something anyway, whereas any wrongdoing on behalf of our pups is generally a direct result of stress or excitement and was generally unintentional. Dogs know when they’ve misbehaved and wear their puppy-eyed "I’m really sorry" look that gets them off the hook after a few heavy sighs.

The following pictures, a selection of those submitted to an open forum on Bored Panda through imgur, capture that dopey, endearing shame that follows after man’s best friend has done his worst.

1. Unintentional Clumsiness

2. Destructive Record Keeping

3. Inappropriate Shows of Affection

4. Abhorrent Eating Behaviors

5. Unintentional Biting

6. Consuming the Inedible

7. Biased Destruction

8. Being a Literal Sh*t Face

9. Peeing on Children

10. Rendering Your Electronics Useless

11. Conspiring

12. Ruining Christmas

13. Ruining Everything

14. Commandeering Space

15. Being Occasionally Selfish

16. Drinking to Excess

17. Refusal to Take Accountability

18. Loving Satan

19. Maximizing Damage

20. Attempting to Eat What They Don't Understand

21. Attempting to Eat What They Do Understand

22. Eating the Furniture

23. Farting Frequently

Seriously, guys? (It's OK, I forgive you.)

Images: imgur (23)