'The Originals' Elijah & Gia Are Together Now & We All Need To Get On Board

It's been a long, lonely two weeks since The Originals last episode — well, at least, it's been lonely for CW fans without the Original family's drama to fill our Monday nights. But it hasn't been quite so lonely for one of our favorite Mikaelsons because Elijah and Gia are officially together on The Originals . Monday night's new episode, "Exquisite Corpse," opened with the series' new couple cuddled up in bed together. So, it's officially Haylijah fans, Elijah's moved on and, frankly, I think it might be for the best.

I've always had a lot of feelings about Haylijah being The Originals' best and most important 'ship. But, now that Hayley went ahead and married Jackson and Klaus is #foreveralone, Elijah and Gia might be the couple to watch on this series. For starters, Gia doesn't seem to be interested at all in Hayley's past with her new boyfriend and she sure as hell doesn't seem effected by the fact that Elijah is definitely still in love with Hayley. For the first time ever, Elijah might be in a relationship with someone who doesn't come with too much emotional baggage, someone that might not need him to be their backbone. And, even the Haylijah 'shipper in me can appreciate Gia for that.

During "Exquisite Corpse" we saw Hayley get a little jealous that Gia and Elijah are having sleepovers now, but we also saw Gia stand her ground with Elijah's true love. Haylijah might have messed with Elijah's head and had him put Hayley and Hope before himself, but Gia's here now and it's time for him to move on. And Gia wasn't too shy to tell Hayley exactly how much her former relationship had changed The Originals' most eligible bachelor. How could I not be convinced that Gia's perfect for Elijah when she obviously cares about him (and his wellbeing — LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE, ELIJAH) as much as I do? It might finally be time to give up on Haylijah as endgame for this series — well, at least until Klaus kills off Jackson and gives the 'ship one last chance.

Image: Tina Rowden/The CW