Will Elijah & Gia Get Together On 'The Originals?' Haylijah Might Really, Really Be Over This Time

If Hayley can't see what she's missing, then who can really blame Elijah for moving on? Before The Originals took a three-week hiatus, Hayley married Jackson with Klaus' blessing and kicked Haylijah straight to the curb. And I really couldn't blame her — even if he's a self-proclaimed feminist (swoons) — considering how Elijah shut her out. But, obviously, I was pulling for them to end up together (it's not like I could just forget all of Season 1 or that incredibly hot Haylijah sex scene in Season 2) and now that seems as impossible as ever. On Monday night's "They All Asked for You," it looked like Elijah and Gia might get together on The Originals which would be great if it didn't mean that Haylijah would really have to end.

Anyone who was paying attention during that scene earlier in Season 2, when Gia first became a vampire, where Elijah started showing her the ropes. There was something there between them — probably because Gia falls exactly into Elijah's "type." She's a total badass, she's independent, and she's really not interested in anyone's crap — she's basically Hayley, if Hayley were a newly turned vampire and not a werewolf-turned-hybrid. It makes perfect sense for Elijah to be attracted to The Originals' latest tough female character with a chip on her shoulder.

I mean, think about it this way — Elijah ran out of the family compound as soon as Hayley said, "I do," probably because he could tell and she and Jackson would become insufferable. (He was right.) Could Gia be a rebound romance? Absolutely. But that doesn't change the fact that Haylijah might really have run its course on The Originals — I might still be pulling for them, but Hayley and Jackson seem to be settling in too well to married life for me to believe that the series would break them up and get Haylijah back together in Season 2. Especially after Monday's episode that gave us an overwhelming taste of Hayley and Jackson's domestic bliss AND the prospect of Elijah moving on on the other side of the river.

Sure, Elijah and Gia and Hayley and Jackson might grow on me eventually (probably only the former), but how could we ever forget this?


Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW, just-tvd-things/Tumblr