41 Questions We Still Have For 'Twin Peaks'

by Loretta Donelan

It's now unclear whether Laura Palmer's promise that she'll be seeing us in 25 years will actually come to pass. Lots of rumors have been swirling around the reboot, and it's incredibly disheartening to know that David Lynch is leaving. The end of season two left a lot of questions, and the prequel Fire Walk With Me didn't provide a ton of answers. However, it's not as though I want the reboot to succinctly answer all the questions I have (there are a lot of them). There are mysteries in Twin Peaks that are probably best left unanswered; those questions add to the mood and texture of the show. Patrick Kevin Day of The LA Times expressed this in an excellent op-ed on the revival:

The questions are endless, and that's really the point, isn't it? "Twin Peaks" was a show about a mystery, and without those unanswered questions, there really is no mystery. Which is why there's only one question that co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost need to answer: Will they commit to not giving us all the answers?

Part of the fun I had watching Twin Peaks, which I have always done with other people, has been speculating about the show after each episode. What do that signify? Why is he like that? It's satisfying when these questions are answered, but it's also OK when they're not. From the silly to the serious, here are some burning questions for Twin Peaks, whether or not we get a reboot.

1. How was Laura Palmer able to balance all those extracurriculars?

From Meals On Wheels to tutoring to prostitution. Did she sleep?

2. What’s James’ appeal?

All the women throw themselves at him, but he seems like a moody jerk.

3. Why does Donna say "James" so much?

Oh Jamesssss.

4. Is there a better dream sequence in history than the red room?

I don't think so.

5. Is that old guy real?

If he's real, he really should have helped Agent Cooper out a little.

6. What initially drew Shelly to Leo?

Really don't understand that relationship.

7. How much can you do during the intro song?

I can run a marathon.

8. What happened between Audrey and her father at One Eyed Jacks?

Actually, I don't want to think about it.

9. Is Diane real?

If so, does she care about the pie?

10. How are these teenagers still in school?

They never seem to be there, except for the middle-aged Nadine.

11. What was the purpose of this lady?

Ugh, James, stop.

12. How was Ben Horne able to stay out of jail?

That guy did so much bad stuff.

13. Is Audrey alive?


14. Is Ben Horne alive?


15. Is Leo alive?


16. Is Agent Cooper possessed by BOB?

If so, I'll miss him.

17. Does The Road House only have one singer?

Hey guys, can we have some music that's not ethereal tonight?

18. Was a coffee company behind Twin Peaks?

Because I always want coffee after watching.

19. How is Sarah Palmer doing?

She gets the roughest deal in the story.

20. Why would indulging the fantasy that someone is actually 18 ever be helpful?

This question is also directed at you, 30 Rock.

21. What is the significance of the owls?

They aren't what they seem, but what are they?!

22. What is BOB?

BOB is scary.

23. What’s in the cherry pie?

This is what really needs investigation.

24. Has any romance ever been worse than that between Donna and James?

So much crying.

25. How does Josie Packard have so many secrets?


26. Why does Lucy arrange the donuts like that?

They only ever eat one or two.

27. How are Norma and Ed doing?

Will Nadine destroy their relationship? Will finally being together destroy the relationship?

28. How was anyone fooled by Catherine’s disguise?

Unbelievably ridiculous.

29. What happened to Johnny Horne?

I liked him. Such a sad character.

30. What was the point of finding out about all of Laura’s transgressions when it was her dad all along?

This is my biggest question.

31. Why isn’t there more Log Lady?

Never enough Log Lady.

32. Is the population of Twin Peaks really 51,201?

It seems like a much smaller town.

33. How is Dr. Jacoby allowed to have patients?

So crazy.

34. How is Nadine so strong?

Another mystery.

35. What are the Black Lodge and the White Lodge?

I fear we'll never really know.

36. What’s up with Hank’s domino?

A little overwrought I'd say.

37. Has Agent Cooper been to Tibet?

If not, he should go.

38. Is Josie gone for good?

I hope so.

39. In the pilot, why did that girl scream before anyone even knew about Laura’s death?

Lynchian mood building?

40. Why would anyone do this?

Have Shelly and Bobby never seen a soap opera? Coma victims always regain consciousness!

41. Is Season 3 going to happen?

I hope so.

Images: AMC, Giphy (40)