Emilia Clarke Covers 'Vogue UK' As Daenerys

Actress Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones is white hot in more ways than one. Emilia Clarke covers the May 2015 issue of Vogue for its UK edition, looking ethereal and otherworldly. Thanks to her white blonde hair, she is pretty much in character as her GoT alter ego Daenerys on the fashion mag's front page. No, it's not quite granny chic, which has been having a moment, since the shade isn't gray, but it does look amazing. Westerosi chic?

Clarke looks angelic with her rosy cheeks, pale skin, and light blue and white outfit, yet she is not washed out by the pale hue of her bed-head tousled hair. She is a natural brunette but she is most known for her character's bright, white locks, so it makes sense that she would pose in that familiar style for a major fashion bible cover, especially in preparation for the fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones . She's not wearing any of Daenerys' costumes, instead opting for a floral frock that shows the midriff via that ring. Still, those cut-outs call to mind many of her on-screen alter ego's regal gowns.

Clarke is not the only magazine cover star to rock white locks. There's just something about the starkness of white hair when it comes to fashion editorial. It just works and feels instantly fashion-forward and it doesn't always have to fall into the granny category, especially since it's not gray.

Have a look at Emilia-Clarke-as-Daenerys, or basically Daenerys, on the cover of Vogue UK.

Clarke is so peaches-and-cream. Here are five other white-haired covers.

1. Rihanna on Tush

RiRi rocked a powdery wig (and brows and lashes) for Tush, 18th century style!

2. Lady Gaga on Vanity Fair

Ma Monster was a gray x white hybrid years ago, so she was one of the first to go granny with her hair. It's almost ghost-like and it was granny gray, but it still exuded youth, due to the length and her posing.

3. Iggy Azalea on Clash

The rapper looked, well, "Fancy" with white hair and no eyebrows. The line of demarcation between her hairline and her skin was super subtle and overall, this styling was rather artful.

4. Rita Ora on Clash

No eyebrows, or at least muted, eyebrows, are apparently a thing with Clash, which is a music mag. Rita Ora covered a recent issue with white blonde, ombre hair, showing her roots and hiding her brows.

5. Gwen Stefani on Marie Claire UK

Gwen Stefani is a platinum blonde, the tone of which often varies, so this Marie Claire UK cover was pretty much status quo for her. However, the shade was a lot brighter than normal. She was way chic, with the subtle sideboob and pale lips, too.

White hot hair on magazine covers is not new, but I do wish it'd happen more, since it's such a contrast. White hair doesn't always have to mean granny chic, either, since it can be styled with youth and spirit, as was the case with these covers.

Images: Vogue UK; Tush; Clash (2); Marie Claire UK