Dove's New Video Might Make You Cry (Again)

Everyone's favorite make-me-cry-at-my-desk viral video producers have a new slogan for you: Choose Beautiful. The new Dove campaign encourages women to "choose beautiful" instead of "average," and to challenge their own assumptions that considering themselves beautiful is anything but a choice within their power. Easier said than done, sure, but definitely another step in the right direction by Dove when it comes to establishing a dialogue about body positivity.

As is the company's style, the new video experiment was relatively simple: Dove put up signs that said either "beautiful" or "average" above the entryways at five shopping centers around the world in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo. Then, Dove filmed as women chose which doorway to enter through.

Not surprisingly, most of the women chose to walk through the "average" doorway.

Dove often sites a statistic that according to its research, only four percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. With the Choose Beautiful campaign, the company says it hopes to continue to encourage women to consider themselves beautiful — every day.

Of course, just exactly how we might make the choice to feel beautiful (short of walking through a door) is tricky — which is why the campaign also encourages women to use mindfulness as a method of increasing self esteem. Now that's actually very practical.

Watch the new video below to see if it makes you cry as hard as the Real Beauty Sketches did.

Image: Dove