Another Vine Of Iggy Azalea Rapping Surfaces & We Still Don't Know What She's Talking About — VIDEO

Nothing like a good, honest laugh in the morning to wake you up when the endless coffee is failing. I don't like to laugh at the expense of someone, but hey, if you're a rapper and you're on stage in front of thousands of people, I have a right to have an opinion about your performance. You have probably already seen the now infamous Vine of Iggy Azalea rapping seemingly about nonsense, but guess what, y'all? Iggy Azalea is back with another baffling Vine video rap, and I'm here to try to make sense of it all.

I won't say this is going to be an easy task. I am going to do my best while I hold back giggles and cringe because this video is just really giving me some second-hand embarrassment. According to some comments on E! News, the lyrics are meant to be from her song, "D.R.U.G.S.," which is the same song from the first confusing Vine. Even though those lyrics are questionable in their own right, I came up with my own translations for this bizarre clip.

And if you're wondering, she's apparently supposed be saying: "Iggy gotta get a b--ch watch for my rapture/ White b--ch go/’bout to blow like the wind/Penthouse too roof top at the wind/When I win, when I win I win/no when I wid ’em they good like shin." Yeah. I know.

Here's what I heard:

"Watch for the Rapture..."

Iggy Azalea is about to thrown some heavenly metaphors out.

"White beaches in the wind..."

She's getting deep on us.

"Pick out your rooftop..."

OK, so we're flying now and choosing which rooftop to land on. I choose the one that Benedict Cumberbatch is standing on.

"In the Wind..."

Emily Black on YouTube

Maybe Iggy Azalea loves the movie Nell as much as I do.

"Win, I win, when I win..."

Iggy Azalea won a People's Choice Award and she's shouting it from the rooftops.

"When I win in the wind..."

She likes the wind... a lot.

"Makeup by the sheets..."

It all makes sense! This was all a wild dream and Iggy woke up with smudged eye make-up on her pillowcases from the frightening ride she took us on.

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