You Can Now Send Your Friends Googly Eyes Along With A Challenge They Have To Complete With Them

I have always enjoyed snail mail. I like sending it. I like receiving it. I have been the resident stamp-haver in all my adult living situations; roommates and boyfriends have long relied on me to actually own these vestiges of communication past. I may actually be the last of my friends who still regularly makes and ships mix CDs. So I mean it when I say I'm stoked that there seems to be a resurgence in people snail mailing each other with great zeal, even if a popular motive is revenge. (Why would you ever send loose glitter to someone you actually respect and enjoy?) And here comes a new reason to get stoked about checking your actual, IRL mailbox: you can ship your friends googly eyes, along with a challenge to do something cool with them.

Listen, glitter is great. I don't even know if I'd be that mad if someone sent me some even as a form of punishment. But googly eyes are far superior to that shimmery stuff (not to mention that they more realistic to clean up should they scatter on accident, something glitter notoriously is not). The Googly Eyes Challenge offers the fun of the wayward craft staples paired with an element of adventure. The site randomly assigns one of 100 differing challenges for each batch of googly eyes sent out. One challenge example is to cover your shoes in the things and wear 'em to work. You also have the option to create your own challenge or give general direction when making a purchase. Since we're celebrating the weirdness of the internet and the perfection of googly eyes, I'll now share one of my favorite things in existence that marries the two:

chrspck on YouTube

GEC's site doesn't exactly list the 100 variations of googly eye challenges before purchase. But since it did explicitly state the buyer could design their own challenge, I did a few brain jumping jacks and dreamt up some good starters. For your consideration:

1. Cover the outdoor front doorknob of your significant other's home

I'm picturing my boo right now returning to his apartment after a long day at the office and the ensuing (hilarious, to me) confusion.

2. Add some to the drive-thru menu at a fast food joint

Listen, Taco Bell is largely patronized by stoned people, anyway. Give them something extra to giggle over.

3. Toss a couple at the bottom of a communal coffee mug

Your roommates will be so scared!!

4. Plant two on the office water cooler

See if that doesn't help bring awareness to the true amount of trash folks talk at work.

5. Secure a handful to the underside of the toilet seat lid

I C U P.

Images: x1brett/Flickr; Giphy (5)