The 'Hocus Pocus' Reunion Was a Giant Letdown

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All morning, there has been talk about a Hocus Pocus reunion celebrating the 20th anniversary of the classic Halloween movie's release. Before you get your hopes up the way I did, you really should know: It kind of sucked.

A "reunion" usually means the majority of the cast gets together, takes some photos, and talks about the movie. Look at the Entertainment Weekly reunion issue: Casts convened, in some cases for the first time in years, and discussed the projects that brought them together. Success!

Not so much with the Hocus Pocus "reunion," which came in the form of a panel and screening at Disney Studios. Sure, cast was in attendance — but only one of the three Sanderson witches. Three! Sorry to everyone with high hopes, but until I see Kathy Najimy joined by Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler, it doesn't count. But here's what did happen at the quasi-reunion, and why it only spelled a giant letdown.

Image: Disney

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