Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama, & Kerry Washington Join Forces For A Great Cause & Make For One Powerful Trio

What do you get when you combine Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, and Michelle Obama? The most badass trio of female superheroes who have ever existed. As soon as I saw that Parker, Washington, and Obama are covering Glamour 's May 2015 issue, I could already imagine them in capes. Of course, they're already fighting the good fight in their own way, since Parker and Washington both serve on the President's Committee on The Arts and Humanities, and in their interview with the mag, they discussed the importance of aiding military families. As Washington said,

There is this idea that those who serve are untouchable heroes. The more we hear what people are going through, [we realize] it's what every woman is going through. The challenges are just put under a magnifying glass because their lives are so extraordinary.

It's undoubtedly helpful to the cause that such influential women are willing to speak up for the people who need their help, and has there ever been any question about the power that Parker, Washington, and (duh) Obama hold in both the entertainment world and politics? Think about it. Between the three of them, they're basically unstoppable. Obama is the first lady and holds enough power that she managed to accidentally (and indirectly) make every child in the country hate their school lunches. Washington has obviously acquired all sorts of wisdom from Olivia Pope on Scandal. And Parker? She was Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City, what more do you need? There are no three people in this world I would trust to make important decisions than these women.

Helping military families is important. Fighting for the arts and humanitist is important — as someone with an English degree who is terrible at math and science, I understand that more than anyone. But if they really want to do this thing, there are a few impossible challenges that only this dream team could totally take on and beat.

Get Rid Of Mondays

Even if you love your job like I do, I think we can all agree that two day weekends aren't enough. We need one more day to ease ourselves into the idea that the fun is over and we have to actually do things like work and think about bills and get out of bed, and I think Obama, Washington, and Parker can do this for us. After all, don't they need the extra day, too? They're busy people.

Create A Longer Lasting Cell Phone Battery

We can put a man on the moon, but cell phones have been around FOR YEARS and we still can't find a way to produce a battery that doesn't die if you look at it the wrong way?

Make Sure Women Are Being Paid As Much As Men For The Same Job

But I'd count on the longer lasting phone battery to happen first. Just to be safe.

Invent A Pair Of Jeans That Look Good On Anybody

This is something we should have engineered by now, and Washington, Parker, and Obama's connections to the fashion world will really come in handy here. They can call in their stylists (and whoever is responsible for making Olivia Pope look so classy and put together every week) and work their magic.

Images: Glamour, Giphy (4)