I Recreated 7 Of Britney's Very Best Outfits

I am proud to admit that Britney Spears' ...Baby One More Time was the first CD I ever owned. Growing up, her music defined my teen years, and Britney Spears' outfits became my dream wardrobe. Her performance style gradually began to get more risque in the early aughts, so naturally I jumped at the chance to recreate some of Spears' looks from the 2000s. I'm tell you, I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did during this experiment. It wasn't that Spears' outfits were too crazy to try (I toned them down a little) but I didn't realize how easy it was to recreate her looks using items from my own closet.

Of course, Spears has proved time and time again that "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl," according to fellow Bustler Marc Cuenco. Being from the Midwest myself, I'm wondering if that's what made her outfits so easy to recreate.

If you're having a girls night and looking for something crazy to do without leaving your pad, I would highly recommend channeling your inner '90s pop idols with pieces from your own closet. Stay in your own house though — I was kicked out of the department store during the making of some of these recreations. Apparently you can't take pictures in dressing rooms. Hmph.

1. I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Of course the first outfit that came to mind was from her performance in Crossroads. In the movie, Spears played a straight-A student who is finally rebelling by taking a road trip with three childhood friends who grew distant as they got older. One of Spears' friends is pursuing a recording label, but freaks of stage fright at a karaoke bar. Spears takes her friend's place as lead singer (natch) and has an amazing performance, all while wearing a hastily DIY'd tee and a mini skirt.

2. Catholic Schoolgirl

My friends and I almost couldn't stop laughing long enough to take this picture. Although the head tilt isn't quite extreme enough, I'd say this is pretty spot on. In her music video for "Baby One More Time," Spears' remembers her school girl days, except with her shirt tied and skirt just slightly shorter than most Catholic schools would allow.

3. Oops! I Wore The Red Turtleneck Again

Aside from glitter, Spears is the queen of leather. I searched high and low for a red leather shirt — turtleneck and non — but I think Spears scored the last one on the planet and used it in her "Oops!...I Did it Again" music video.

4. Her First CD Cover

This was my very first CD! Nailed it, right?

5. A Typical Britney Performance Outfit

I tried very hard to fit into one of my old dance costumes for a performance outfit, but apparently I've grown too much in the past decade. I opted for her lovely pink leather top and white pants outfit, instead. This must have been before the snake incident.

6. Tuxedo Jackets As A Dress

Before Emma Stone rocked a tuxedo jacket on the red carpet, Spears tried pulling one off as a dress. You could say she was the OG of androgynous style.

7. Denim Everything

I may have taken this a step too far, but Spears wore denim everywhere. Besides her matching denim red carpet look with ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, Spears wore denim pants with a denim vest-blazer and a denim hat. I couldn't resist.

Images: Getty(3); Hayli Goode (7); Crossroads; Oops!...I Did it Again; Baby One More Time (2)