Buzzfeed's "The Chances of Finding the One" Video Will Tell You How Many People Are Out There For You

We all gush about "the one" with our doe-eyes and giddy smiles and sweaty palms, as if there's only one person out there on this Earth full of over seven billion people that can possibly hold the key to our hearts. But as shown by a new BuzzFeed video, depending on various factors, there is probably more than one person out there for you, statistically speaking. Sure, you might only want the one person you currently have, or you might ultimately want to settle down with only one bae — but if you're stressed about finding your soulmate in the sea of human beings you interact with every day (or never interact with at all), have no fear. It's a lot easier than you think.

For this video "The Chances of Finding the One," the BuzzFeed video staff took one man, Zach — a young, snarky human being skeptical that BuzzFeed could find the number of people out there for him — and found out a ton of information about him that would allow for them to assess (semi-accurately, at least) how many people could be Zach's "the one."

First, they figured out where Zach lives. This question was most likely asked because, odds are, you'll find the love of your life somewhere near you — whether it's in your hometown, your city, or even a specific region of the state you're from.

Zach is from Los Angeles, California which reduces his number of potential lovers from about 7.2 billion to 3.8 million. Still a pretty substantial pool of people to select from, I would say.

Then, of course, we need to find out if Zach is looking for men or women (and potentially anyone in between or outside of the gender binary, but BuzzFeed didn't address those numbers in this video).

Zach, as it turns out, is strictly into women, which once again reduces his number of potential soul mates from 3.8 million to about two million of the women who live in Los Angeles. Still killin' it, Zach.

The next question filtered out people who were of an unacceptable age range, which for Zach is pretty significant: He's only interested in finding someone up to four years older than he is or up to four years younger. That reduces his number to about 260,000 women, a number from which about 63 percent are single.

Zack also specifies that a college degree is pretty important to him, so that leaves him with about 62,000 options.

In a little bit of a tougher question, Zach was then asked to identify what percentage of people he found attractive. If you're taking this test yourself, think of the number of people per ten you swipe right for on Tinder. For Zach, that number is about 18 percent — so assuming that 18 percent of those people also find Zach attractive, and Zach only really gets along with half the people he meets, his grand total of available bachelorettes with whom he can find love is:

1,002 women. Hooray! That's still a pretty significant number to choose from, seeing as I probably am not even in touch with half of that amount of people regularly in my life.

The test, of course, isn't by any means accurate; it still leaves out a ton of variables and factors. But it's a neat way to show that there are lots of wonderful people in the world to meet, befriend, fall in love with, or anything in between. So don't stress! There are lots and lots of "the ones."

Watch the full video below:

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