The Best Positions For Your Mood

There's a lot that goes into finding the right sex position for you and your partner. Obviously, what feels great is a big part of what you'll decide to do. But you may also adjust your moves for small spaces, not-so-private spaces, tight spaces, acrobatic potential, and a lot more. But there may also be an ideal sex position for every mood. Our emotions drive us in many ways, from when we're feeling lazy or tired to when we're feeling wild and crazy.

While all of our moods may influence us many ways, those mornings you are in the mood but maybe a tad lethargic are probably not when you'll try that wild "standing up in the shower" pose. In fact, it may be the morning you decide to choose a position where you can be slow and cuddly.

And if you aren't in the mood for any sex at all? That's fine too. Sexy times don't have to be all the time, no matter how much your partner is pouting. When in doubt, try missionary. It's a classic for a reason, and has so many modifications to make it speak to absolutely any mood at all. Here's how to pick the best position for how you're feeling.

Feeling Blue?

Try a heart-opening girl on top position, says Katrina “Rainsong” Messenger, author of RAW Nude Yoga: Celebrating the Human Body Temple. Arching your back and lifting your chest gives your lungs a chance to stretch! In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are connected to feelings of sadness. Deep orgasmic breathing is the perfect pick-me-up!


If you’re feeling fatigued but still want to have some sexy connection, try spooning, says Messenger. Slow, grindy and cuddly. A great way to sink into each other after a long day (or night)!

In A Playful Or Romantic Mood?

Try the Yab-Yum position (one partner sits cross-legged, second partner sits on their lap and wraps their legs around their torso), says Messenger. This position, which comes from the Tantric tradition, is great for looking into each other’s eye, feeding each other strawberries and lots of kissing.


When passion becomes fierce, find a wall and get pinned to it, says Messenger. Stand doggy-style, or even wrap your legs around your partner and get raised off the floor. Go wild!


If you’re feeling adventurous, consider being taken from behind at the kitchen counter or the dining room table. It’s all about how you feel in the moment, says Jenny Block, author of O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm.

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