'RHONYC's Jill Zarin Drops Mario Singer Bombshell That Only Makes Herself Look Bad

Let me ask you a question. If your friend's husband has been accused of cheating, would you go to the press or around town or wherever and announce that said husband has, in fact, flirted with you, too? OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T, because you're a decent human being who doesn't kick your friends in the fucking shins when they're down. But when a certain former Real Housewife of New York City fame-lover sees a chance for press, she goes for the jugular. After reports surfaced that said Ramona Singer's husband funded the abortion of one of his mistresses, a "friend" of Ramona's has decided to add fuel to the fire. Jill Zarin says Mario Singer flirted with her until Bobby Zarin intervened and asked him to stop.

Jill literally gave an interview in which the sole purpose was to throw her friend under the bus. She told In Touch, "When we were taping the show, Mario hit on me. It made me uncomfortable to the point where I had to tell [my husband] Bobby to tell Mario to leave me alone."

But wait, the under bus throwing gets worse.

“He was always looking around,” she says. “People would talk about it, but nobody would ever say anything because they didn’t want to hurt Ramona. They felt bad for her.”

Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any more two-faced, she tells the magazine:

Ramona and I lived through an incredible experience together, so of course I will support her any way I can. Mario flirted with me as I saw him flirt with many other girls. The best thing for her to do is to stand tall and move on.

Do you see how that first sentence doesn't add up with the ones that follow? YOU CAN'T BE SUPPORTIVE AND THEN TELL A MAGAZINE THAT MARIO FLIRTED WITH YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. Obviously, this really gets to me.

Listen, I'm not apologizing for Mario and I don't even find Ramona to be that sympathetic. It's just... ugh, Jill. She's the worst. No wonder she was kicked off the show — that mean streak is just too much. Even for Bravo.