This 6-Month-Old Baby Has The Most Insane Balancing Skills, But This Video Is Still Making Me So Nervous — VIDEO

What are you going to teach your kid to do? To ride a bike? Are you going to teach your kids to read books that will make them better people? Will you teach them to love their bodies? Or are you going to teach your baby truly important things, like how to balance on their dad's hand? That's exactly what this family did, apparently. This Olympic-bound baby is balancing on her father's hand, and it really makes all the moms and dads who carry their kids around on their shoulders look bad. (On the other hand, safety-wise, I'd still much prefer the shoulders.) I, a full-grown adult person, can barely walk down the street without tripping and falling over, while this tiny baby-friend has already achieved incredible feats of balance. I quit.

Baby Noah, the 6-month-old balancing genius, is probably headed to the Olympics in 2032. He can't speak in full sentences, nor does he have a full head of hair, but he's got some SKILLS. Like any true gymnast, he has a ready smile and his arms out on either side. He looks pretty bewildered by his own talents.

Speaking as a former child competitive gymnast, I'm a little jealous. At 5 years old, I was prancing around a gym (looking fresh in my leo, by the way) and I couldn't have balanced like this kid. Not to mention, if someone was lifting me on one hand, my mother would've insisted it be over a very large foam pit. Nerves of steel on this family, I'm telling you. All of which to say, this baby has more balancing skills than I do. And (sorry to size you up), but he probably has you beat to. But what about the professionals?

First, check out Baby Noah, the 6-month-old balancing act:

Rumble Viral on YouTube

And now, let's do a side-by-side comparison. These 5 Olympic medalists could've used Noah's skills at some point in their careers. Could Baby Noah beat them?

Alicia Sacramone

Dee on YouTube

While she had a few stunning routines in Beijing (2008), during this beam routine she falls during her mount and is not pleased.

Shaun White

U.S. Ski & Snowboard on YouTube

He wipes out during an Olympic qualifier and sails before a rough crumbling. He also could've used Noah's balancing skills during the 2014 half-pipe, when he lost the medal because of an unfortunate crash.

Nastia Liukin

AugerVideo on YouTube

She qualified for the Olympics in London, and was insanely successful, but she faltered during the trials. She's balancing well (à la Noah) until she crashes off the bar. Noah could've handled it.

Michelle Kwan

PunkBoi1982 on YouTube

She could rival Noah in the adorable factor, especially in 1994. But she struggles to keep her balance at 0:53.

Hermann Maier

keschulz on YouTube

Though his story is the most famous loss of balance, Maier's path might be similar to Noah's because Maier later went on to win Gold.

Image: YouTube