India Carney Sings Christina Aguilera's 'Hurt' On 'The Voice' Live Playoffs & The Coaches Absolutely Loved It

Working with Christina Aguilera is one thing — but being able to work with her on her own song?! That's a special privilege that only India Carney was able to experience on this week's Live Playoffs on The Voice. Carney took on Aguilera's "Hurt" and did her coach proud. The fact that Aguilera even allowed Carney to sing this song on The Voice speaks volumes to the contestant's talent. The support of her coach will help Carney in this competition and will get her farther in the music industry than many other contestants on this show — whether she wins or not.

The music industry is one that demands you "know people" if you want to break into it. Carney doesn't just know someone — she knows the one. Christina Aguilera is a goddess in the industry — she basically invented the power ballad. Having her as a coach is the best thing that could ever happen to a Voice contestant. Well, despite the fact that she's never won a season — but her team has proved tonight that it's definitely it her season to take.

Carney is no doubt the leader of Team Christina in the coach's eyes. Why else would Aguilera let her sing her song? But the confidence in Carney is for good reason. She's one of the only contestants to earn a standing ovation from all four judges in the Live Playoffs — a feat that is much harder than a four-chair turn. Pharrell was even ready to produce a movie just so she could sing during the credits. While that almost sounds like an insult, he definitely meant it as a compliment — and a major one at that. If Carney can win over the voters as much as she won over the coaches tonight then she is basically guaranteed a spot in the finale. But if America doesn't share the coaches' sentiment — though I'm pretty sure they do — there's no doubt Aguilera will hook her up with a contract. Whether she wins The Voice or not — Carney is on her way to stardom.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC