Taraji P. Henson's 'Saturday Night Live' Promos Hint At An Amazing, Cookie Lyon-Filled Episode To Come — VIDEO

There is no doubt that the true breakout star of the popular Fox drama Empire is Cookie Lyon. Besides her impeccable attention grabbing wardrobe, amazing one-liners and general badassness, Cookie Lyon is a woman with heart and passion, and the kind of lady I like to be around. It's pretty obvious, too, that no one could pull off this dynamic character other than Taraji P. Henson who will host Saturday Night Live on April 11. And when I heard this news, I knew something good was coming. In the first few seconds of her just-released SNL promo, we see Henson transform into Cookie to deliver an epic slap to cast member, Taran Killam. And it's really funny because she is still so adorable while doing so.

The three-minute promo takes us through a few different rehearsals of the television spot, and while some may have been planned beforehand, Henson and Killam have a really fun dynamic, and Henson's comedic acting chops are giving me hope that this episode might be one of the best of the season. After all, this is an actress that already has some pretty legendary roles under her belt. So, I did the tough deed of analyzing this hilarious promo, and I've come up with all the reasons this hints at an amazing SNL episode to come — which is something Taraji P. Henson can surely deliver.

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

She Can Bring Out Cookie In An Instant

Henson turns her Cookie Lyon on in an instant and it is perfect. Imagine what she can do throughout an entire show?

Her One-Liners Can Be Featured

Wishful thinking here that one of the skits will involve Cookie Lyon helping some poor souls deal with roommates, ex-boyfriends, etc. and teach them how to bust out some one-liners themselves. I also want to see Taran Killam do that hip thing again.

Henson Might Finally Sign Again

We have already wondered and eagerly anticipated whether Henson will share her musical gifts on Empire at some point. Henson has had a record deal in the past, so she's got the goods for sure. I hear a little vibrato at the end of the third cut of the promo (1:24), so I hold on to hope!

There Could Be Another Empire Parody

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

When Chris Hemsworth hosted the show last month, he debuted a new character, Chip, in an Empire parody. I hope that if THE Cookie Lyon is on the show, this can mean the beginning of a weekly Empire sketch, and there is no better way than to have Sasheer Zamata's Cookie fight with the Taraji P. Henson's Cookie. It wouldn't hurt to bring Hemsworth back every week either, right?

The "Umpire" Show

There is a lot of potential in the idea of a dramatic family of umpires. Like, imagine a vampire umpire empire (hire me, SNL.) I'm sure they have a lot of secrets hiding behind those masks.

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