The 'She's All That' Remake Definitely Needs To Include These 8 Important Moments From The Original

By now we should have all heard the incredible news that a She's All That remake is in the works. But, if not, I'm happy to be the one to break the news! The classic '90s movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook and Paul Walker about a "dork outreach program" gone amuck is getting the Hollywood remake treatment. The execs over at The Weinstein Co. and Miramar probably couldn't figure out what else to remake, because, seriously what else is left? She's All That seems like the natural next target, but it's story is so universal that we can all appreciate it.

Still scarred from being jolted by his high school sweetheart, a jock accepts a bet to transform the biggest loser in school into prom queen to validate his manhood. What began as a means of humiliating a poor girl plagued by bullies turns into an enlightening journey for one of the biggest jerks in school. Who doesn't love that? While the studio is keeping this basic storyline, it'll no doubt be updated for modern audiences. However, I just hope whoever is tasked with writing the script keeps some of these more glorious aspects of She's All That.

1. Looks Like This

When I first think of She's All That, I think of the puppy-dog look on Freddie Prinze's face. It's the look he gives in all the scenes when he realizes he's done something wrong or, basically, just has basic human empathy for Laney. Whoever lands the role of Zack needs to bring more of this. Audiences will be swooning!

2. This Hat

I'm assuming the attempt was to make Laney look as lackluster as possible, but really all the producers needed was this hat. She works at a falafel joint part time to help her single dad out with bills and to save money for school. Why she's the only person in the restaurant that has to wear this is still a question, but it needs to make the transition into the remake.

3. Lines Like This

Taylor Vaughan was the Regina George before Regina George was conceived in the comedic womb of Tina Fey. She's the embodiment of sass and she doesn't even have to try. And she'll tell you that, too! I would love to see her come to verbal blows with some of the biggest Plastics throughout movie history. My money is on Vaughan.

4. This Moment When We All Gasped

Yes, this was one of the most hard-to-watch moments of the movie, and my still fragile '90s self keeps replaying it over and over in my mind. But it was needed. If the remake is going to track the emotional journey of Laney and Zack, they need this moment when Vaughan's cattiness reaches a the tipping point. It makes us all feel for her, Laney's hard exterior finally crumbles in this emotional moment, and Zack realizes the error of his ways.

5. Definitely This

No one could replace Freddie Prinze Jr., especially in this particular moment. But, since this is a remake, maybe Ansel Elgort or Theo James or some other YA franchise star would be great. Regardless of whoever plays the role, this scene must remain.

6. Hackysack!

I have a hard time watching movie moments that depict people embarrassing themselves. I don't know what it is! I chalk it up to my overly sympathetic compassion for other people. (I know, I'm SUCH a good friend.) But I wouldn't change this hackysack scene for the world.

7. Choreographed Dance Routines

Every senior in your graduating high school class could perform an epic choreographed dance routine at the drop of a hat, right? No?! Well, I'm sorry your school system failed you. Obviously, this detail of She's All That is reflective of your typical American public school.

8. Can Usher Still Be DJing In The Remake?

The biggest throwback a She's All That remake could make to the original is in recasting Usher as the hilarious DJ and morning announcer who's dripping with swag. I mean, the man doesn't age. He would fit right in with the future cast of the new flick.

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