Karlie Kloss Wants To Help Girls Learn To Code

by Rosie Narasaki

Remember how Karlie Kloss retired her angel wings because she wanted to focus on her education? Well, now she's taking the time to focus on other young women's educations: Karlie Kloss is partnering with the prestigious Flatiron School with the adorably-named Kode with Karlie scholarship. Of course, Kloss has always been all about female empowerment, particularly the ladies helping ladies variety, so the fact that she's offering scholarships (which have a hefty value of $10,000) for the school's 12-week summer program actually makes a lot of sense.

The scholarship is open to young women 13-18 years of age, and it's an amazing opportunity, namely because the Flatiron School has one of the most covetable programs for one of the fastest growing professions in the country. According to Business Insider, they're regarded as the Harvard Business School of coding: It's wickedly hard to get in (they boast a daunting 10% acceptance rate), and they basically guarantee employment post-graduation — 100% of their first class of students got jobs (a percentage that my fellow liberal arts graduates and I would definitely salivate over). Kloss herself completed the program back in 2014 (talk about beauty and brains), and now it looks like she wants to share the experience with young women all over the country.

Now, the high school program is less about finding jobs and more about learning (very marketable) skills, but it's still a wonderful opportunity, and a great gateway for getting more young women into the male-dominated field of computer science.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram