The Eight Stages Of Becoming A Lisa Rinna Fan

by Marenah Dobin

I'm not going to lie, I was not at all excited about Lisa Rinna's casting on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Rinna was always one of those people who was famous, but I never totally knew why. I knew she was an actress, but I wasn't familiar with her work. If I'm being really honest, I just assume that she was the kind of person who just wanted to be seen for the sake of being seen, and I wondered how her "celebrity" status would work with her entering the cast.

Plus, she was entering at a point where some of the Real Housewives were more famous and talked about than Rinna was, even though was a known as an actress. Did she even know them? What would she have to contribute to this already established television show? I was pretty hesitant. But I have to admit, I surprised myself and ended up really liking Rinna. Dare I say that I have actually become a Lisa Rinna fan? How did this happen? It really came out of nowhere, but yes, I have to admit that I am a fan.

I can break down my transformation into a Lisa Rinna fan by explaining it in the following stages, which, if you're also a fan, I'm sure you will understand.

1. Shock

Why is Lisa Rinna joining the cast? How will she fit in? What will she do? Why are we infiltrating our cast of housewives, business women, and original reality stars with a soap opera actress?!

2. Denial

There's no way these rumors are actually true. After all, a casting change has been floating around for years. Why would it be true now?

3. Anger

This is going to ruin the whole dynamic of the show. I don't know if I can deal with any changes! I like "meeting" my housewives and getting to know them through the screen. I don't want anyone new on my show. Is she just going to be concerned with maintaining some sort of image as preexisting public figure? This is just spoiling the fun of it all.

4. Skepticism

Maybe if I do watch the show and give her a chance, I will be rewarded with some entertaining viewership. I mean, she has acted on soap operas. I'm sure she knows how to bring the drama.

5. Acceptance

After watching the first few episodes, I am starting to like her. I feel dumb judging her before she even made her first appearance. Not only is Rinna not bad, but she's actually great. She is a surprising breath of fresh air, and she keeps it real. She says exactly what we are all thinking when we watch the show. She gets me. Wow, Lisa Rinna gets me.

6. Anticipation

When is Lisa Rinna was going to appear next? I need to know what she thinks of things. I want her opinions, and I look forward to seeing her. Plus, seeing her rocking body gives me ample gym motivation.

7. Full-On Fandom

I start following Lisa Rinna's social media accounts, tweeting about her on my own accounts, and really supporting her in her Housewives altercations. I'm all in. I understand why she jumped up at the table in Amsterdam and lashed out at Kim Richards. I'm vicariously infuriated when Richards brings Rinna's husband into the conversation. And I'm weirdly offended when Brandi Glanville calls her out for "having the same hairstyle for 20 years."

8. Worry

Now, with only one more reunion episode left, I am already thinking about the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna has made it very clear that she is so done with Kim Richards, but what does that mean? Is she over the show? Is Lina Rinna coming back to RHOBH? I have to spend months wondering. And to think, I wasn't even a fan just a few short weeks ago.

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